Undercover in the CEO's Bed

By: Coleen Kwan

Chapter One

As another handful of passengers exited the streetcar, Jacinta Greene eased into an empty seat, slung her Nordstrom shopping bag beside her, and let out a sigh of relief. She’d had a trying day at work, and the streetcar had been delayed and overcrowded, but at least she’d be home soon.

Her brother would be waiting for her at their modest Outer Sunset condo. Kevin’s job interview today had gone badly, and he needed cheering up. Truth be told, so did she. Her brother had been out of work for months now, and it was depressing the both of them. Not that she’d let on to him. She’d tell him not to worry, that something was bound to come up soon. She’d be the upbeat, supportive older sister he always counted on. Plus, she’d bought him a present.

And then she had a date tonight with Calvin, the personal fitness trainer she’d met at a friend’s party a week ago.

Jacinta let out another sigh. Why couldn’t she get more excited about Calvin? He was good-looking, easy to talk to. But he did nothing for her pulse. Absolutely zero. Even when he’d admired her eyes and said she had perfectly toned deltoids, her heart rate had barely flickered. It wasn’t his fault. No one could stir her interest. Not after...

But she had to try. She couldn’t go on living like this, outwardly functioning—working, eating, socializing—but inwardly a tight, knotted ball of jagged ice. She had to get on with her life. She had to forget about him.

But today it had been particularly hard to forget. She’d visited a client in Pacific Heights, and the taxi had taken her right past his house before she’d had a chance to redirect the driver. Her entire body had clenched at the sight of the impeccably restored, three-story Victorian house where she’d spent so many incredible nights with him. The sexual chemistry between them had been nothing short of explosive. She’d never experienced anything like it before. She wasn’t even sure what it was about him that loosened all her inhibitions; maybe it was just the way he looked at her, so hungry and potent. Desire was a powerful aphrodisiac, and their lust-drenched nights had left her in a delirium, always eager for more.

A fresh spasm rippled through her. She wrapped her arms around herself and squeezed her eyes shut. Damn. She shouldn’t let herself daydream, but it was impossible to stop thinking about him. Even now she couldn’t help conjuring up his face, the image so sharp and bright it felt as though just one minute had passed since she’d last seen him instead of ten months. Ten months, two weeks, and three days. But who was counting?

She sensed someone taking the seat beside her, but she kept her eyes shut. Go away, whoever you are. Can’t you see I’m trying to forget my ex-boyfriend?

But forgetting was impossible. In her mind’s eye, not only could she see every perfect inch of his gorgeous body, she could almost smell him, that unique male aroma that had sunk deep into her pores, that still wafted out of her pillows now and then, especially when she couldn’t sleep—which was often these past months—that was now filling her nostrils so completely he might as well be sitting next to her...

Sitting next to her?

Opening her eyes, she turned, and her lungs seized up as a pair of familiar blue eyes gazed back at her.

“Hello, Jacinta.”

No, it couldn’t be. This wasn’t happening.

“Lex? Wh-what are you doing here?” Damn, why did she have to stutter?

“I’m catching the streetcar,” Lex said.

Since they’d broken it off, she’d imagined all kinds of scenarios where they’d bump into each other. There was no reason why they should; San Francisco was a big city, and they didn’t move in the same circles. He was the big shot CEO of Jubilee Holdings and a member of the fabulously wealthy Rochester family who owned the company, while she was a hard-working but obscure IT security consultant, and the only family she had was a nervous kid brother.

The chances of them running into each other were slim to none, but it hadn’t stopped her from imagining how she would react if their paths crossed. She’d always visualized herself being poised and dignified, while Lex would be startled and mournful, regretting he’d ever let her go. Instead here she was, caught off guard, with her makeup faded after a long day, her hair all frazzled, and a soup stain on her shirt.

Lex Rochester didn’t look startled or mournful. In fact, he’d hardly changed a bit. The same muscled, athletic build, the same dark tousled hair and wolfish pale blue eyes, the same classically contoured face with the dimpled chin above firm lips. In his tailored Italian suit and bespoke shirt, Lex was as handsome and vigorous as the day she’d first met him. No pining over a broken heart for him.

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