Pollyanna and the Greek Billionaire (Innocent and Betrayed)

By: Marian Tee

Part One

“Kalimera.” Everyone in the vicinity stopped whatever they were doing to greet the young dark-haired man half-racing down the expansive marble steps of the resort. Their heads bobbed as he walked past them, their grins widening when the man greeted them back and addressed all of them by name.

Best boss to work for, the female lifeguard on duty thought, humming happily to herself. There were over a hundred of them working for the master, and yet he knew all of them like they were family.

Quite unlike his father, the head gardener thought while meticulously shearing the landscaped bushes in front of him. How Dario Gazis had been able to produce such a responsible and kind son would always be one of life’s strangest miracles.

The devotion commanded by the young master did not go unnoticed even among the guests lounging by the pool. The bikini-clad women eyed him hungrily, taking keen note of his tall and powerfully built physique. Even dressed simply in a plain shirt and jeans, he exuded the kind of strength that didn’t rely on famous last names or material possessions. He was a man’s man, and when he turned partially towards the pool while talking to the resort manager—

His face was of a Greek god, his dark brown hair streaked with varying shades of gold when touched by sunlight. His eyes, for those close enough to see, were a captivating shade of hazel, and his skin was made bronze by the Mediterranean sun.

Aaaaah. This sigh was more felt than heard, a sensation of pure lust overcoming the women. They struggled to maintain their air of jaded boredom while resisting the urge to tear off their skimpy swimsuits and beg the Greek god to fuck them.

One of them was Minnie, a twice-divorced American in her late twenties. The exquisitely handsome specimen walking past her had Minnie sitting up straight on her lounging chaise. Carelessly dumping her margarita on the side table, she imperiously signaled at the closest waiter to her and fumed impatiently as the grey-haired man slowly made his way to her. When he was within earshot, she said demandingly, “Tell me who he is.”

Realizing whom she was pointing at, Anton thought, Someone who is not for the likes of you. But out loud, all he said was, “He is Kyrillos Gazis, the owner of the resort, madam.”

Minnie was shocked. “So young?”

Anton’s smile dimmed. “Yes, madam.” The twenty-four-year old had come to his unexpected inheritance when his parents had died in a plane crash last year.

Minnie took another sip of her margarita, a pensive look on her face. She had heard of men being compared to Greek gods countless times, but this was the first instance Minnie saw the description actually proving apt. Maybe even insufficient, she thought. If he happened to have a huge dick, too, that was it. She was moving to Greece.

“Is he single?” Minnie asked abruptly.

Anton gave the guest a pitying look. She was just like the rest, thinking that the young master would be so shallow as to fall for anyone marginally attractive. “He has been known to see someone local,” he said tactfully. It was an understatement, though. Everyone in the island knew the master only had eyes for his childhood sweetheart.

“Mm…as long as he’s not married, I should still have a shot.” Minnie released a wistful sigh as the resort owner disappeared back into the resort. “Is he going to attend the dinner tonight?”

“Yes, madam.”

“I’ll make sure to dress up,” she said absently. “I’ll show him what fun really means.” Leaning back, she closed her eyes and began to daydream about a hot, wild fling with Kyrillos Gazis.

All these city girls were the same, Anton thought disapprovingly as he placed the empty cocktail glass on his tray and walked away. They always assumed showing a little flesh was all it took to seduce a man.

The master of the island was a proper gentleman, and his long-time girlfriend, Ana, a rightfully proper girl. Certainly, they would never think of “fun” the way the American guest so brazenly suggested.

In this case, however, the conservative, middle-aged employee was absolutely wrong.

Some distance away, behind a locked washroom door, Kyrillos Gazis was quietly but forcefully fucking his beloved Ana. He had caught Ana on her way to the resort’s service kitchen, carrying a basket of fruits from her parents’ farm. Sweat had plastered her thin cotton shirt to her pert breasts, and her long dark hair swayed behind her back as she walked, matching the gentle but sensual movement of her hips.

One look at her, and Kyr had been hard as a rock. By the time she realized he was there, he had already caught her by the waist and pulled her to the closest room.

Now, Ana’s back was against the wall, arms wound tightly around Kyr’s neck, and her legs embracing his waist. Both of them were fully dressed, with Kyr only managing to toss her skirt up and unzip himself before he was driving his engorged cock into her already wet and aching pussy.

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