Her Billionaire Ex

By: Vanessa Brown

Chapter 1

“Finally,” said Janet to herself as she clicked ‘shut down’. For once, she wasn’t taking work home. She was done, and she was all ready for a good time.

Well, as soon as she got home, showered and changed, she would be all ready for a good time, Janet amended. She got up and made her way out of her cabin.

“Janet, perfect timing. See you in an hour at Gulliver’s?” asked Bess.

Bess was the floor manager of EAOP – Everything At One Place, the supermarket for which Janet had worked as a buyer for the last four years. She had also become one of Janet’s closest friends in that time. At first look, Bess was completely unlike Janet: petite, a bit of a fitness freak, chirpy, and blonde, she was a bit like a porcelain doll come to life.

Just the kind of girl she would’ve felt insecure around in high school, Janet thought sometimes. But things change. People change. Janet had definitely changed. She owned her curves, her dark chocolate skin, her curls and her strong features now.

“Looking forward to it. After a day of spreadsheets, that’s exactly what I need,” said Janet, with an affectionate smile.

Elizabeth – though Bess suited her far better than the long and old-fashioned ‘Elizabeth’ – was very easy to like. Janet knew that wasn’t true for herself. She was a strong woman. Strong women are never easy to like.

“I had an intern from hell to deal with. I wonder why he expects to be paid for sitting in a corner and playing Candy Crush!” fumed Bess.

Janet grinned. If the intern annoyed Bess enough to mention it, he really must be awful.

“A couple of martinis and you won’t give the intern a second thought,” promised Janet.

“That’s what I’m hoping,” said Bess, and waved goodbye.

Janet was feeling even better as she opened the door to her home and walked in. It was nice to be able to go home and know it was her space, she reflected. At 27, she knew she couldn’t own a home for a few years yet with how housing rates were going up in Boston, but the one she was renting suited her very well. It was light and airy, and she had made it her own with bold colors and kitschy furniture that she loved.

She owned her love for the quirky, too. Why not? That was the point of being independent.

Nita, of course, would have to deal with a man living with her soon. The idea made Janet grin. Nita was tidy to the point of anal. Her fiancé, Johnny, was not. The one and only time Nita had stayed over at Johnny’s place, she had needed an evening at Gulliver’s with the girls to get over the shock. That should be one interesting marriage, mused Janet. She would have a ringside seat to watch the fireworks.

Janet debated between her little black dress and a flashier red number. She went with the ruby red – she liked colors and they suited her. Her generous curves filled out the dress perfectly, but she was glad that she had a well-defined waist that made her look proportionate. All woman, she thought as she slid her hands down her body, then clipped dangling earrings on.

By the time she made her way to Gulliver’s, their favorite watering hole in town, she was a few minutes late. Janet made sure she was always on time when it was business. But when it came to the personal, she was a bit more relaxed about it. As expected, Nita and Bess were already there. Noelle, her closest friend, was running even later than she was. That, too, was quite typical.

“Noelle said five minutes,” said Nita as Janet sat down.

“Martinis all around!” declared Janet.

It was nice, she thought, as she sat back and watched her friends talk. She loved all of them. Soon, Noelle walked in, too, looking stunning in a blue dress that made her shimmer.

“Nita, take your eyes off that man. You’re almost a married woman,” Janet told Nita, who was obviously checking out a tall, dark, handsome man by the bar.

“Almost is the key word. Anyway, looking’s free,” said Nita with a grin.

“So it is. Let’s drink to Nita and to looking being free,” said Noelle.

In a few minutes, conversation turned to love. It was natural, supposed Janet. Nita must really love her Johnny if she was willing to overlook that kind of messiness for him.

“How are you going to deal with having no clean towels, Nita?” asked Noelle, as if she had read Janet’s mind.

Nita smiled, sweet and serene.

“The man has skills that can make up for dirty towels. Besides, I can kick him out to go play poker with his buddies and do laundry,” pointed out Nita.

“It must be nice, to be in love like that,” said Bess wistfully.

“Can’t complain,” said Nita, but the glow on her face and the sparkle in her dark eyes belied the flippant words. She was happy, they could all see that – happier than they had ever seen her.

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