The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal

By: Melody Anne


“Well Brother, you’ve certainly been busy the last several years,” George Anderson said.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Joseph replied but not without a twinkle in his bright blue eyes.

“We both know your meddling is what led to all those grandkids of yours,” George said a bit grumpily.

“Well, if you hadn’t been all hell bent on going off to see the world, then maybe you would have a bunch of your own grandkids,” Joseph said to his brother.

“I came to you for help. Those kids of mine are never going to settle down and you have obviously had great success. Please help me with my own stubborn brood?” George asked.

Joseph had grown tired of waiting on his sons to find brides and give him grandkids, so he’d took matters into his own hands and found good mates for the boys. They were still clueless to his sneaky ways. All three of his sons got married within a few years-time, and now he was a happy grandfather. He felt sorry for his brother, knowing he was feeling the same sense of emptiness he’d felt a few years ago.

“Nothing would give me more pleasure than to help you,” Joseph said, making George relax.

“I know with your help I’ll be bouncing my own grandkids on my knees in no time. Life has been hard for me since I lost my beautiful Amelia,” George said.

When George lost his wife of forty years, it sent him off to explore the world. He’d been unable to stay in the home he’d shared with her for most of his life. They’d married at sixteen years of age and he didn’t know how to live without her.

“Are you doing any better?” Joseph asked. He couldn’t imagine losing his Katherine. She was the light of his world. Without his wife and kids, life wouldn’t be worth living.

“I take it a day at a time. If I had some grandkids to distract me it would make it easier. Since their mother’s passing, the kids have become distant, with each other, and with me. I’m afraid if something doesn’t change soon, we’ll break apart,” George said with suspiciously glossy eyes.

Joseph got them each a drink, giving his brother time to compose himself. He poured them each a shot of bourbon before coming back to the chairs by the fire, where they were sitting.

“Why don’t you stay with me, here? You can look for a place and relocate to Seattle. I think what you need is a fresh start. I know we can get your kids to follow. We’ll fix this George, trust me,” Joseph offered.

George looked at Joseph, considering his offer. He’d lived in Chicago his entire adult life and it was a bit frightening to think of moving, but change may be a good thing for him. Chicago was filled with depressing memories of his late wife.

“You know what, Joseph? I think I’ll go ahead and do that. You still have a guest house, right?” he asked.

“You’re more than welcome to stay there for as long as you like, or you could stay in the main house. There’s far too much space in this big old house,” Joseph told him.

“This is your home with Katherine, I’d much rather stay in the guest house until I find a place - it shouldn’t take me long. Now, what plans do you have for those kids of mine?” he asked.

“Tell me everything about my niece and nephews. The more I know about them, the more likely I’m going to find matches good enough they won’t be able to resist,” Joseph said. The two brothers sat by the fire until the early hours of morning making plans. By the time they’d finished talking Joseph knew what he was going to do with his eldest nephew Trenton.

“Ah, it really does feel good to be matchmaking again. I was kind of sad for it to end with Mark,” Joseph said with a smug look on his face. “But, don’t you dare let on to Katherine or I’ll be sharing the guest house with you.”

The two brothers had a good laugh, before finally heading to bed. Joseph was eagerly anticipating the months to come. He wouldn’t mind the patter of great nephews and nieces running around the house, alongside his grandkids.

Chapter One

“Your father is on line one, Mr. Anderson,” said his assistant over the intercom. Trenton sighed. He hadn’t spoken to his father in months and couldn’t understand what he’d need.

“Thank you, I have it,” he replied. He took a moment to clear his thoughts before picking up the phone. He knew he’d need his wits in full before taking the call.

“Hello Father, what can I do for you?” he asked coldly.

“Is that any way to talk to your father?” he asked. Trenton could hear the hurt through the phone line and he cringed. His mother had been the glue holding their family together and since she’d passed he’d hardly spoken to his father or siblings. He didn’t know if he even remembered how to anymore. They used to be close but had all withdrawn when their mother passed. They had to protect their hearts from the unbearable pain, somehow. She would be so disappointed in them.

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