For Angelo

By: Marian Tee

Marcus Ravelli.

The name flashed in their minds, and both billionaires scowled.

No fucking way would I let Jaike see that man again, Derek thought.

No fucking way would I let Lane ever meet that man, Angelo thought.

They turned to their partners simultaneously.

Derek pulled Jaike away from the bride, saying seriously, “You shouldn’t talk to Lane. She has a phobia of rich people, remember? And you, babe, are richer than most people here.”

Angelo was just as swift at drawing his wife to his side, warning her at the same time, “You should avoid talking to Jaike, tesoro. She’s the wife of a Christopoulos, never forget that. It means she has as much money as we do. Billions, my Lane. Billions. So you must stay away from her.”

The two couples started to drift to opposite directions, and the rumors started anew.

The newlyweds were having their first fight because of the Christopoulos couple.

They were going to divorce.

She only wanted him because he was a billionaire. He only wanted her because she was a masochist.

On and on it went, but none of them bothered the groom and his bride.

For them, the days of being afraid were over.

This time, only love existed.




Love the way only they could understand.

And it was what prevailed above all else.

The End

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