Mrs. Valentine

By: C.M. Steele

Cupid’s Arrow HQ

I giggled like a schoolgirl when I looked at the file on my desk. I was so right about him. He deserved happiness, and Aaron and I would make sure it happened. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat when my darling knocked.

“Come in,” I chimed with a lilt of excitement in my voice.

“Ella, love. I know you’re up to no good this morning. Where are we headed this week?” Aaron said as he walked into my office, giving me that knowing look.

Flashing him a smirk and trying to look as innocent as possible, I sweetly replied, “Oh, Aaron, please. It’s always good. Have I ever been wrong?”

“No, my beloved, but you know you can’t force couples to love each other, and the last one took longer than you hoped. We stayed in Texas in the summer heat for a whole month. Their misunderstandings almost destroying your perfect record.”

“Yes, but love trumps everything, dearest. Now, if you insist on knowing, I’ll tell you.” I paused dramatically because I knew how it riled him up. He acted like he didn’t want to know, but he had as much of a hand in this business as I did.

“Well, my dear. Don’t keep me in suspense. What poor soul are we going to bring happiness and delicious sex to?” His eyes revealed his desire. Making matches made my lover so horny. I could smell the scent of need pouring off his body. I guessed that was what happened when you married the Cupid. Three hundred years and still going strong. I pressed my thighs together thinking about him with his face planted on my heat.

“Oh, my sweet Aaron, must you say sex? It has been hours since we last united,” I pouted.

“My poor decadent morsel, later. I promise. But where in the world will I be loving you next?”

I bit my lip because I knew he enjoyed our little trips as much as I did. “Very well. We’re off to Chicago.”

“It’s a decent time of year there. It will be cold so we’ll need to bundle up near a fire.” He crossed his legs, and I could read the dirty look in his eyes. I was going to be in pleasurable trouble soon. “And who is the poor man?”

“Mr. Sebastian Valentine, and I have our plan completely laid out.” I excitedly hopped out of my chair and climbed into his lap, handing him the file, which he promptly ignored by tossing it on the floor.

“Ella, so about that need you have…is there anything you’d like in particular, my love?” He gave me a wicked grin, and my body shivered with desire. I wanted to taste his strong jaw, which was perfectly smooth. I licked down his cheek, nipping at him before attacking his mouth.

“Mmm…” he hummed as I worked my way down his neck. It always had the same effect on him. His cock pressed into my thigh and ass, and his control crumbled. I knew what would come next. The moment I nipped at his vain on his pulse point, I found myself on my back, sprawled out on my desk. With a snap of his fingers, we were both naked, and he was thrusting into me.

“Too impatient to take off my clothes like a human.”

He grunted an affirmative before he latched onto my nipple, making me cry out. My Neanderthal was in the mood for hard and fast, and so was I. With each push, I felt my six-hundred-pound oak desk rock, while my body welcomed my lover repeatedly.

“Aaron!” I cried, coming intensely on his cock.

“Yes. Ella,” he grunted, coming with me. He rested his forehead on mine, catching his breath. With a pant, he said, “Three hundred years and it still makes me come.”

“That’s because we’re perfectly matched, my lover. Mmm…” He moved slowly in and out of me, still very hard.

“Again?” he asked.


Chapter 1—Ella on a Mission

I walked into a high-end shoe store. My plan in motion. I scoped out the area, looking for my target, and there she was, moving a selection of shoes to one wall.

Walking up behind her, I coughed. “Excuse me, miss.”

The exotic-looking brunette turned and with a nervous smile said, “Hello, ma’am. How may I assist you?”

She twiddled her thumbs as she showed me around. I couldn’t decide what I was looking for, needing her personal opinion. Now, she could try to hide who she was to everyone else, but that wouldn’t work for me. I knew who she’d been and her real name, and her taste in shoes told me one thing. She hadn’t forgotten how to accessorize.

As I took my time browsing, I started to ask her questions.

“So, Kaylee. Do you work here full time?”

“No, I’m finishing up my degree in Bio-Chem this semester.”

“Wow, so smart and beautiful.”

“I wouldn’t say all that, but thank you.”

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