Gash (The Skulls #13)

By: Sam Crescent

“I’ve not got a plan. Coming to you was my plan. However, I’ve got someone who can help us. Do you think you can help me locate them?” he asked. He didn’t want to leave her alone. Charlotte was by his side now for the foreseeable future. Gash didn’t know where these emotions were coming from, only that she was inspiring them. Her gaze was filled with so much pain that he found it hard to keep eye contact with her.

What had she been through? Charlotte had secrets, and he bet that Whizz knew some of them.

“I’ve been to your old apartment. It’s a shithole now, and there’s nothing there.”

She blew out a breath, staring past his shoulder. “I’ve not been there in years.”

“Is there anything you remember? Anything at all?”

“Rebecca was a popular girl. Before I left, she’d started making visits to some rich billionaire in the city. I don’t know his name, but she told me he’d set up an apartment that he used when he was in town.”

“What name?”

“It was in her name. The guy, I don’t know who, didn’t want to have a, er, track record or something. I figured he was just married, and didn’t want any traces of him keeping a mistress.” She shrugged. “I told her to tell you. She wouldn’t. Rebecca said you were only after some good pussy, and you didn’t care who she fucked.”

“She got something right. Rebecca was a whore through and through. She didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything.” Gash stood, unable to look at Charlotte when he thought of Rebecca. He’d been young, and an asshole. What did he ever see in Rebecca? She’d been an easy fuck, and at the time he’d not been interested in anything but a good time.

He frowned, thinking about where their old apartment building was. It was a good hour from The Skulls clubhouse, and far enough away from Fort Wills. What the fuck had he been doing all those years ago? With the court case, prison, and the shit that had been going on since he got out, he wondered now what he’d been doing near Rebecca in the first place. Gash scrambled through his mind, and remembered. He’d been looking for his brother when he’d found Rebecca.

“Did I ever talk to you about The Skulls and shit back then?”

Charlotte frowned. “You never actually talked about anything with me. You were really quiet.” Her cheeks heated. “You always had something else on your mind.”

“What are you not telling me?”


“You’re in no position to hold something back—”

“The only time you were loud was when you were having sex with Rebecca. You didn’t talk about anything. The only reason I knew you were part of The Skulls was because of your damn jacket. You didn’t talk about them. Thinking about it, you were always so careful about what you did, in fact, talk about. You couldn’t hide your leather cut.” She pointed at the jacket he was wearing.

Gash had been looking for his brother who he hadn’t seen in some time. He’d never found him, so he assumed that he was dead. His real brothers were The Skulls. Gash made a mental note to talk to Tiny about it. Lash was the leader of The Skulls now, but Tiny was the leader back then and he’d been the one to give the orders.

“What’s your plan?” she asked.

“You’re coming back to the clubhouse with me. It’s late right now, and I’m fucking tired. Tomorrow morning we’ll head to the clubhouse where we’re going to start our search for those two fuckers.” He tilted his head to the side, and frowned when he heard a growling noise. “What the fuck was that?”

He noticed Charlotte went an even deeper shade of red.

“I’m hungry,” she said.


“I’ve not eaten since lunchtime. I’m starving, and I didn’t exactly plan to get attacked tonight, and to starve.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’ve got a smart mouth?”

“It’s not the only thing you’ve told me.”

Gash frowned. “What else have I told you?” He couldn’t help but wonder what else she meant by her words. There was clearly something there that she wanted to tell him, yet she didn’t elaborate.

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