Gash (The Skulls #13)

By: Sam Crescent

“I’m tired.” She had enough drama for one night. The best solution was for her to just sleep, and end this uneasiness inside her. Everything looked better in the morning.

Without waiting for him to give her instruction, she left the kitchen, and walked the few steps toward her room. Her apartment was modest, and her only bathroom was through her bedroom. She closed her bedroom door, which had no lock. Charlotte had learned long ago to not even bother putting a lock on her bedroom door. If people wanted to get into her apartment, they could get inside without any struggle, and she would be sent to her fate.

Taking a quick shower, she didn’t take her time, enjoying the peace and quiet. Gash had invaded her apartment, and ruined any kind of peace she thought to have. Her night shirt was hanging on the back of the door, and once she finished with her shower, she dried quickly, placing the towel over the radiator, and then getting dressed.

She walked back into her bedroom, and came to a stop when she saw Gash already in her bed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked. He could have taken the floor in the sitting room, or the small couch. She didn’t want him in her room, not now, not ever. It brought back too many memories, and tonight she was really struggling to keep all of those memories locked up tight.

“Getting comfy.” He snuggled into her bed, which pissed her off.

“Get out.”


“This is my bed, and you’re not going to take my bed from me.”

“I’m not taking it from you, babe. Far from it.” He patted the bed. “Join me.”

“No, get out.” She moved toward her dresser and started to brush her hair. “This is my room. You’re the one attacking me, coming into my apartment, and you weren’t even invited. Get out.” She placed her brush back down on the dresser, and stared at him. “Well?”

“I’m not moving,” he said. “You may as well get in.”

Gritting her teeth, she folded her arms, and glared some more. “Why are you being a pain in the ass?”

“Because it’s awesome to be so.”

“Whatever. You’re not going to move?”

“Nope, and I’m going to stay right here, and this bed is damn comfy.” He wriggled a little, sighing as he did.



Gash wasn’t going to move, but he liked it when Charlotte did. Her tits, without the bra constraining them, bounced, and her nipples were rock hard pebbles, pressing against the front of her shirt. He wanted to see her without that shirt, to feel her body next to his, and to fill his hands with her full, rounded tits.

Desire hit him hard, and his cock thickened. Moving on the bed, he did his best to hide the evidence of his arousal so he didn’t frighten her. Charlotte always seemed like a little mouse to him, ready to scurry away. At least that hadn’t changed about her.

“Fine! I’m not going to give up my bed.” She stomped to her side of the bed, and withdrew the cover. Charlotte pushed it back enough for her to see his naked thighs. “You’re naked. What the hell are you doing in my bed naked?”

“I don’t wear clothes to bed.” He hadn’t worn clothes to bed since getting out of prison. For five years he was forced to wear the colors of the prison he was in. He’d made a vow that he would never, ever wear shit like that again. “Don’t worry, babe, I won’t bite.”

“Put some clothes on.”

“No. It’s not going to happen.”

She released that growl again and climbed into bed. Gash watched as she gave him her back, then moved, thumping her pillow.

“You know, some people believe that the whole tossing and turning could be down to sexual frustration.”

“Shut up.”

“I could relieve you if you want me to.” He wanted to. Damn, he wanted to touch, to taste, and to fuck her so bad.

“Gash, you may be stronger than me, and be here intent on revenge on two people I despise, but if you lay a finger on me, I will kill you.”

He laughed. Her threat was so cute, and he told her so.

Again, another growl, and more thumping. He loved hearing that little growl. It made his cock harder than fucking rock.

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