The Billionaire's Secret

By: Julie Farrell

She stepped forward so their bodies were pressing together.

“You’re beautiful,” he said.

The saxophone solo kicked in, and they stepped in time together. Astrid swayed her hips and loosened up. Jake lowered his face and smiled into her eyes. He wished he could kiss her again – it felt natural to do so, but this time he had no excuse and he didn’t want to push her. She smelled so good – of honeysuckle and oranges. Arousal washed through him, but he knew he couldn’t have her – it was too complicated. This dance would be the end of their time together, and he’d go back to stalking her for his brothers like the sleaze he was.

The slow song faded and the next tune started up – which was much more upbeat, so Astrid stepped away and twirled her under his arm, then she twirled back into him and laughed, seeming free and relaxed. He smiled, glad he’d managed to take her mind off her problems and make her smile sincerely. But now he wanted to know what she looked like in bed, climaxing from the best orgasm she’d ever had – which he was desperate to give her.

They danced together for another few songs, moving in time to the music and enjoying the present moment in its entirety. Astrid’s cheeks flushed with a warm glow of happiness – and Scotch. She seemed out of breath from the dancing, so he gestured to their table. She nodded, then hugged him tight. “Thanks for the dance, Jake!”

“My pleasure.”

He wanted this evening to continue forever, but – like all good things– he knew it would end. They drifted to sit back down. He pulled out her chair.

She gazed at him. “So are you really for real?”

He laughed. “I think so.”

She remained standing. “Jake, will you take me home?”

Jake’s cock twitched in his pants at the suggestive tone in her voice. He’d gladly bend her over the table and fuck her here and now…

“In case Graves is still lurking…” she added.

“Sure, come on.”

Jake realized how drunk Astrid was as they left the bar and she swerved into him. He put his arm securely around her shoulders and she sunk into his body as they made their way to the parking garage, where his Ferrari was parked. Unlike his newly-found biological family, Jake had never had much money, and he refused to take handouts from them, despite how wealthy they were. But – as a ‘welcome’ gift – they’d given him this gorgeous car. He loved it, and he secretly hoped she’d be impressed. But at the moment, she was having trouble walking straight. She headed toward the driver’s side, so he guided her to the passenger side and opened the door for her. “I’ll drive,” he joked.

She laughed. “Sorry. Simon drove a British car. He was British. They drive on the other side. The British.”

“I know. Come on, get in.”

She slid drunkenly onto the passenger seat and Jake climbed into the driver’s side. He headed off for her end of town – which was only a couple of miles away, but where the property was less opulent and more rundown.

He pulled up outside her apartment building, yanking up the parking brake and trying to ignore his pounding lust. Thank god she was too drunk to realize she hadn’t actually told him where she lived.

She shot him a coy glance – twisting the arousal in his pants into a frenzy.

“Come in for a coffee?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, honey,” Jake said.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re drunk and emotional. And I’m not a sleazebag.”

She smiled shrewdly. “I know you’re not a sleazebag. Otherwise I wouldn’t invite you in, would I?”

She reached over and rested her hand on his thigh. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to resist. “I can’t,” he said.

“Just in case Graves is around,” she said. “Please. I’m afraid to go in there alone.”

Her logic spoke directly to his protective instincts, and he couldn’t argue. “All right. Let me find somewhere to park up.”

He parked the car, making sure it was properly alarmed in this rundown area, then they walked toward the apartment building. It was chilly out here and she hugged herself and gazed up at him, so he automatically put his arm around her to keep her warm – knowing he was being manipulated by those big blue eyes. She sunk into his body as they reached the entrance of her building.

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