Love TKO

By: Selene Chardou

A Love Unexpected Novel #1


I have so many people I want to dedicate this novel to but I will leave it simply at my family, friends, fans, Chasity, Lisa W., Debbie D., Crystal Marie, Kathryn M. and every other hard working bitch on my street team, my beta readers and bloggers who have been there for me.

You all made this happen and like a child, a book takes a freakin’ village to write and this one took a whole damn city! You’re my die hard girls and you’ll be with me for life; I can’t ask more than that so I won’t.

All my girls at WDDR.

Others who have definitely helped me along the way and deserve a shout out are Kathryn Perez, Kim Jones, Jo Wylde, Madeline Sheehan, Christine Zolendz, Chelsea Camaron, Ashley Suzanne, Karina Halle, Nicole Jacquelyn, Lisa Paul, Melissa Collins, Shéa MacLeod, Syreeta Jennings, Carey Heywood and everyone else who has supported me.

You all rock the Kasbah and don’t ever change.

Bisous! xoxo

Love TKO Playlist

“Take A Look Around” – Limp Bizkit

“Let It Go” – The Neighbourhood

“Monster” - Skillet

“Work Bitch” – Britney Spears

“I’m On One” – DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne

“Never Never” – Korn

“Eat You Alive” – Limp Bizkit

“Stronger” – Kanye West

“Unfinished Sympathy” – Massive Attack

“Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Like)” – Justin Timberlake

“Can’t Remember To Forget You” – Shakira feat. Rihanna

“Under The Water” – The Pretty Reckless

“Hero” – Skillet

“Forever” – Papa Roach

“Never Surrender” – Like A Storm

“Panic Switch” – Silversun Pickups

“Whore” – In This Moment

“Your Disease” – Saliva

“Give You What You Like” – Avril Lavigne

“Marvin & Chardonnay” – Big Sean feat. Kanye West and Roscoe Dash

“A Rush Of Blood To The Head” – Coldplay

“Breathe Me” – Sia

“Lucky” – Radiohead

“…To Be Loved” – Papa Roach

“What If I Was Nothing” – All That Remains

“Narcissistic Cannibal” – Korn feat. Skrillex and Kill The Noise

“My Demons” – Starset

“Indestructible” – Disturbed

“Always” – Killswitch Engage

“Drunk In Love” – Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z

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The Past


TORIN STOOD FROM the bar stool before he plopped back down and realized he was drunk off his ass. He shouldn’t have had that last Irish whiskey, or the one before that. When sober, he was a moody, turbulent asshole with a temper the size of Texas but drunk, he couldn’t control himself or his impulses to fight.

Hell, he even picked them just so he would have someone to work off his aggression. He was twenty-one years old, didn’t get nearly as much pussy as he craved and when he wasn’t just plain horny, his need for fighting came from some place deeper, darker, and scarier.

His miserable fucking childhood in Belfast.

It didn’t matter he’d been in the States for the past two years, shacked up with distant relatives in Charlestown, and not exactly the best area of Boston. But he had a steady job and after he got off work, he would head to O’Rourke’s Irish Pub and drink himself into oblivion.

Torin’s mind came back to now. The asshole sitting next to him had begun to piss him off. He pawed at his girlfriend and although she tried to stop his advances, he continued his drunken explorations. Violence against women was the one issue that tipped him over the edge of sanity. He’d watched his mother being beaten, raped and brutalized by his own father and it was something he had no patience for.

“Leave the lady alone before I shove your head so far up your ass, you’ll be eatin’ your own shit for a week,” Torin finally said in his deep voice and pronounced Irish accent.

“Hey, you dumb mick, no one asked ya anythin’ and don’t be fooled by this whore—she loves it when I have my hands all over her in public places.”

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