Bought by the Billionaire Brothers 5

By: Alexx Andria

Penny McDaniel had no idea that when she took the job as an accountant with the Buchanan brothers that the sexy billionaire entrepreneurs had a thing for curvy girls but when they make her an offer she can’t possibly refuse, she learns just how hot they are for her soft, sweet body. But when the black sheep of the family, Dillon Buchanan, manages to breach Penny’s defenses, she finds herself falling for the Buchanan she can’t have — and definitely can’t trust — but the heart wants what the heart wants…until it’s broken. Now, everything is falling apart and Penny doesn’t know what — or who — her future holds.

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 5:

The Sting of Betrayal


Dillon sat in the dark nursing his celebratory scotch long after his brothers had hustled Penny off in their awaiting Towncar to speed away as if he were the devil. He’d accomplished his goal by planting a seed of destruction in their little world and he’d used Penny to deliver the poison. Hell, maybe he was the devil after all.

His plan had worked nearly to perfection. He could be fairly certain his brothers were twisting their guts in a knot knowing he’d been inside their pretty, gullible pet, and while that gave him a certain amount of pleasure, he couldn’t entirely revel in the victory knowing how deeply he’d cut Penny.

Why did he care? Penny was a tool — a means to an end.

He could tell himself that all night but he doubted it would assuage the creeping guilt beginning to tighten his chest like mistletoe choking out its host. Dillon rose and refilled his glass, staring into the amber liquid as if the answer to his dilemma were in the smooth depths.

This was for Isabel, he reminded himself with no small amount of irritation at himself for wallowing in useless self-reproach. And possibly, his unborn child. Who knew if Isabel had been carrying his child or his brothers? But just knowing the possibility existed made it imperative that his brothers pay for their sins.

Your hands are not clean, either. You’re far from innocent.

His brother’s voice cut at Dillon and he winced as a different memory bloomed in his mind.

“Fuck them. I’m not going to play their stupid games. No one is going to tell me how to live my life,” Dillon had shouted, still hot as hell at his father for trying to push him into a life he didn’t want. Isabel, her fair hair falling like silk across her shoulders, tucked the tresses behind her ear, distress marring her fair features but Dillon was too pissed to care how anyone else felt at the moment. All he knew was that his dick of a father was trying to force him to be something he wasn’t. “I don’t need their fucking money. I’ll live on the streets before I take another dime.”

“Dillon, you’re angry. Calm down before you make a decision that will affect the rest of your life. You’ve never been poor; you don’t know the first thing about being on your own. Maybe it’s not a bad thing your dad is asking — you need a career of some sort, right?”

Dillon looked at Isabel, freshly irritated that she wasn’t immediately taking his side. Where’s the fucking unconditional love? “Whose side are you on?”

“Yours,” she said quickly. “But…what will you do for money if you’re cast out of the family?”

He cast her a dark look. “I’m not totally helpless. I don’t need their money. I’d rather sleep in my car than accept another dime from my father.”

“Didn’t your father buy your car?” Isabel asked tentatively. When Dillon shot her a dark scowl, she continued in a rush. “Baby, listen to me. You’re being rash. You’ve grown up accustomed to living in the lap of luxury; you don’t know how to be on your own. Everything you own belongs to your family. Please don’t make a decision you can’t take back. You don’t know what it’s like to be alone.” She tried to reach out to Dillon but he cut her down with a cold stare. “Please Dillon…I’m on your side. I love you.”

“You have a funny way of showing it by telling me to suck up to my father for the scraps from his table. I never realized how useless you think I am,” he said caustically.

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