The Maverick's Red Hot Reunion    (Entangled Indulgence)

By: Christine Glover

I owe a debt of gratitude to the many writers who have encouraged me throughout my writing years, especially Sharon Wray and Karen Johnston. Sharon’s dedication to learning the craft and writing the best story possible inspires me every day. Cancer robbed me of Karen’s presence far too soon, but it could not steal her spirit. Every day I hear her cheering me on to become brave, strong, and dauntless.

A huge thank you goes to my wonderful critique partner, Pam Mantovani. She’s an incredible storyteller who has taught me the value of the middle name and to beware of her Picky Alerts. I trust her with my stories and my characters. We’ve shared disappointments, wine, and a lot of laughter while working to attain our goals. And this year we’re sharing the sweet victory of having our first books published.

Many mentors have given me valuable advice. Special thanks to Lynn Raye Harris for taking time out of her busy schedule to coach me through my first revise and resubmit letter. She never doubted that I would sell one day. And a big virtual hug to Melanie Milburne who offered to read the first three chapters of the Maverick. I was very close to giving up when her beautiful response to the story arrived in my email box. That letter gave me the courage to keep writing.

My friends and family all over the world have been a constant source of keeping it real. Lori Hastings reminds me every day to look for the joy, Heidi Scribner’s enthusiasm is contagious, and Petra Engle’s empathy reinforces the importance of looking for the heart in the matter. Finally, my dear sister friend Janne-Marieke Van Winssen gave me a second family to love. We’ve made thousands of memories together. Her mother—my surrogate mom—was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. Tante Janne wanted something good to come out of this disease. I did, too.

During my research, I learned that people and families afflicted by ALS are courageous and brave and want to make a difference. You can discover more about this disease and the families it impacts by going to the ALS Association’s website at

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