Billionaire Unmasked

By: J.S. Scott

Fuck. I want her.

Jason’s possessive instincts nailed him in the gut, and he could barely contain the gnawing desire to have her closer, lick those delectable lips himself. He’d be at the task long after the damn chocolate and marshmallow were gone.

I shouldn’t have come to Maine tonight. I knew she’d probably be here.

Yep. He had known, and if he were honest, he’d admit that her being here was part of the allure that had brought him to Maine. Sure, he wanted to see the Sinclair brothers, especially Grady because he wanted to meet the woman who had captured his reclusive friend’s heart. But he’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that knowing Hope was going to be here was both a deterrent…and a temptation. The appeal of seeing her again had won, the victory against his willpower coming pretty damn easily.

Disgusted with himself, Jason had tried to forget the tortured lust that had hit him when he’d seen the eighteen-year-old Hope. Christ. She’d just graduated from high school, and although he had only been twenty-three then, it had still seemed…wrong. Hope was Grady’s baby sister, and Jason was friends with the entire Sinclair clan. Hope had been a sad, shy little girl, an adorable redheaded, freckled child with a big heart who Jason had always wanted to coax into smiling. He’d adored her like the sister he’d never had, and had protected her like any big brother would. Even so, everything had changed when he’d stopped by her high school graduation party. The sight of her threw him off balance and confused their whole relationship. He’d wanted to claim her then; now, eight years later, the desire was a damn obsession. Unfortunately, his dick hadn’t forgotten Hope either. He hadn’t felt that kind of all-consuming carnal lust since he’d seen her at eighteen, but his cock had immediately come to attention once again with the same fervent adoration the minute he’d spotted her across the room tonight.

Over the years, he’d cringed every time he heard from Grady that Hope was seeing someone. Jealousy nearly ate him alive every time he saw her, knowing another man was touching her. But he’d coped with it by working and fucking other women; he hoped that eventually that niggling fear that she’d end up permanently taken by another man would pass.

It hadn’t. His craze to possess her had just gotten stronger, deeper.

And now he was in Hell.

If this mania had been for any other woman except Hope, he would have seduced the female a long time ago, tried to fuck her out of his system. Problem was, it was Hope, and he’d known her almost as long as he could remember. So he was utterly and irrevocably screwed at the moment. Not only did he want to fuck her worse than he wanted to breathe, but he actually liked her. Hope was one of the sweetest females he’d ever known, and her big heart was genuine.

She wants me, too.

Her body had responded to him, and that made him even crazier. That the sexual chemistry burned hot both ways made it almost impossible for him not to touch her.

“Thanks for taking me to the fireworks.”

Hope’s voice interrupted Jason’s lustful thoughts. After they’d left Grady’s party, they’d driven down to the beach and had watched the fireworks from his rental car. They held hands like teenagers because he couldn’t seem to completely let go of her now that she was here…and unencumbered. Admittedly, Jason had watched Hope more than he’d watched the sky lighting up with brilliant color, but her face had been so expressive that he couldn’t help himself. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he finally replied huskily.

“Didn’t you?” Hope asked curiously. She finished the last of her s’more and licked her fingers. “Aren’t you going to make one for yourself? I know you want the chocolate. That was delicious.”

Fuck! Not the finger licking. Is she trying to kill me?

As he watched that pink tongue stroke over her fingers, he wished that she’d put it to work somewhere on his body, preferably south of his navel.

Jason willed his dirty mind to shut the fuck up. It had been a good night and he didn’t want to spoil it. What he’d told her earlier was true. With Hope, he didn’t have to pretend to be someone he wasn’t. They’d come back here to Hope’s house on the Amesport peninsula after the fireworks, after they’d stopped by the all-night market to get the things they needed to make s’mores. They had both changed into jeans and sweatshirts before settling themselves by the fire. “I will,” he agreed. “I was just busy watching you. You look like you enjoyed it.” Jason had enjoyed it, too, but he now sat on an unrelenting hard-on.

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