The Art of Forgiving a Greek Billionaire (Book 4)

By: Marian Tee

Making a decision, he silently scooped her up in his arms. She did not stir as he carried her to her bedroom. Drake carefully lowered Mairi to her neatly made bed before walking away to lock the door, something ingrained in Drake even though no one in the world except for Mairi’s aunts knew their whereabouts.

When he came back to her side, he slowly lowered himself to sit next to her on the bed.

And then he kissed her.

Mairi’s eyes flew open.

She tried to push Drake away instinctively, but still he kissed her, his lips moving expertly over hers, knowing exactly what to do to weaken her defenses and make her body respond.

“Are you thinking you’re betraying Damen with this kiss?” Drake whispered against her lips.

The words had her freezing, her fists trapped between their bodies.

Slowly, he lifted his head so their eyes could meet. “You keep telling me that you’re over him, Mairi. But are you really? Would you be able to prove it?”

He caressed her cheek with his knuckles. “Your body is yours to give and I want it. I won’t take you tonight but I want to give you pleasure – I want to make you come.”

The heat in his eyes made her swallow, and when his hand moved to cup her breast Mairi gasped, stunned at the way her body was reacting to his touch.

“This is your choice, Mairi. If you give me your body, if you just let me please you, the next time you look at Damen Leventis, he will know that you have truly moved on and that he is no longer the master of your body.”

He squeezed her breast and she jerked, his touch taking her by surprise once more. But more than that, it was how her breast seemed to swell against his hand that made Mairi want to cry. This didn’t feel right…but it shouldn’t feel wrong either.

She closed her eyes.

Immediately she saw him in her mind.

Damen Leventis.

Dark. Beautiful. Powerful.

And cold, so, so, so cold as he threw her out of his house – out of his life.

“Get out of my fucking house, you gold-digging bitch.”

And the vileness…the sheer vileness in his eyes as he looked at Mairi like he regretted every damn second he had spent in her company.

“Go back to Manolis. He can have my leftovers…”

A tear slipped from her eye, but before she could wipe it with her fingers, Drake had already bent down and licked it away.

“I won’t take you, Mairi,” he whispered against her skin as his hand began to move again on her breast, kneading softly, gently, then firmly.

His fingers found her nipple.

Mairi stilled.

He, too, stopped, waiting tensely for Mairi to say just one word – to do anything that would let him know she was unwilling. And he would stop. It didn’t matter if he wanted her like hell, that there were some days Drake was no longer sure if he only wanted her because Mairi reminded him so much of Yanna. Some days, Drake felt like he wanted Mairi because he wanted Mairi.

And then he felt it—

Her hands moving, curling around his shoulders.

It was Mairi saying yes.

Drake did not give either of them a chance to think after that. He kissed her, kissed her hard this time, willing her to forget about the man who had hurt her so horribly. As he kissed his way down her body he took care of her clothes, inhaling sharply with every inch of bare skin he exposed. She had a very beautiful body, with such generous curves and gorgeous breasts that he wanted to feast on.

Unable to help it, he lowered his head and sucked on her nipple.

Drake’s mouth covering her nipple had Mairi gasping, and she clutched his shoulders harder, her nails digging into his skin. The pleasure was different from what she had experienced in Damen’s arms, the way Drake kissed and loved her nipple different from Damen’s — everything was different, but she pushed the thoughts away because there was no point in making the comparison.

She forced herself to focus only in the pleasure of Drake’s touch, whimpering when his head moved to her other breast and he started sucking again while his hand played with her other breast.

Mairi drew her breath sharply when Drake moved down and got rid of her sweat pants, throwing them to the floor. Her body arched when he touched her core. Instinctively, she caught his hand. “Drake—” Suddenly, she wasn’t sure. His touch was beautiful. He made her feel hot, made her feel good in a way that she had not felt good since forever, but somehow—

Drake looked up, their gazes clashing. He said in a hard voice, “You want this, Mairi.” And without releasing her eyes, he gently took hold of her wrist and pulled her hand away. Her arm fell limply against her side.

And then he was touching her again, tracing her folds over her silk panties, gently, slowly, and all the while never letting go of her gaze.

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