The Art of Forgiving a Greek Billionaire (Book 4)

By: Marian Tee

She wanted to look away but she didn’t. If she did, it was like letting Damen Leventis win, letting him own her forever. And what was the point of that when he only thought of her as trash?

Mairi bit her lip, her body shaking as Drake slowly disposed of her panties as well. Now she was completely naked, bared to his gaze while he remained fully clothed. Her teeth sank harder into her lower lip when he touched her flesh again. It only took a few strokes before she was wet, and Drake’s groan of realization made her whimper.

Everything was blurry now, passion making her feel faint-headed. In her mind, it was Damen touching her, and Mairi’s legs fell wide open as Drake sank one, two, oh God, three fingers inside her. Her head tossed against the pillows. “Please,” she begged.

Drake moved his fingers faster and her body jerked, her hips moving to meet his thrusts.

Another finger was pushed in and Mairi moaned, feeling so wonderfully filled.


The fingers had stopped moving.

She slowly opened her eyes.

And she remembered that it was not Damen Leventis with his fingers inside her.

It was Drake Morrison.

“Say my name, Mairi. Say you want me to make you come.”

Another tear fell.

He was so damn good. He knew – somehow he knew that she had been fooling herself into thinking it was Damen making love to her, her silly mind wanting to prevent her from committing an act of betrayal.

Drake began to move his fingers again, his face tense with the effort it took to hold his own passion back. Harder and harder, he thrust his fingers into her, knowing that each thrust would make Mairi’s body want him more even if her heart and mind still struggled.

“Say it, Mairi,” he growled. “Say it—” He withdrew his fingers completely.

The emptiness was painful, reminding her of the days and nights she had solely existed in the darkness, lost and diminished by Damen’s betrayal.

She had not betrayed Damen.

Damen had betrayed her first.

Drake’s fingers found her clitoris.

Pleasure erupted inside her body.

“Drake!” She closed her eyes. “Drake, please.” Her voice turned into a whisper, her words a choice to break free from the man who had so cruelly hurt her countless times. “Please, Drake. Please make me come—”

And then he was sucking on her clit as he thrust his fingers into her harder and faster.

Mairi fell apart with a scream, the pleasure pounding into her over and over.

She slept in his arms that night, the first time she ever did. Throughout the night, Drake remained awake. The next time Mairi and Damen met again, Damen would only have to take one look at Mairi and he would know. Someone else had tasted Mairi’s sweetness – and he only had himself to blame for it.


~ Two ~

“Relax.” Drake whispered the word into Mairi’s ear deliberately.

She jumped like she had just heard a ghost speak. Her reaction was exactly as he intended and his lips quirked.

Mairi wanted to die when she caught sight of the small smile that flitted over Drake’s lips. But when his eyes met hers, she hastily looked away.

Last night should never have happened, she thought miserably. It just didn’t feel right, and now she felt so cheap and evil for having done what she did.

Overhead, the seatbelt sign lit up and she concentrated on fastening her seatbelt, her stomach somersaulting at the realization that their plane had reached its destination. This was it. She was really going back to living…to having the fear that the day would come when she would come face to face with Damen Leventis again.

Beside her, Drake said quietly, “You don’t belong to him anymore, Mairi.”

Her hands shook and she fumbled with the seatbelt. A shadow fell over her, and Mairi stiffened when Drake gently took the belt away from her hands and buckled it for her. This close, she could smell his aftershave, and it smelled…good.

But he wasn’t Damen.

Even last night, she had not been able to fool herself into thinking that he had been Damen Leventis.

Slowly, she made herself look up.

The man beside her was Drake Morrison. Tall, dark, and handsome like Damen, but the similarities ended there. He was not a seductive and silently brooding Mediterranean. He was not a powerful and arrogant billionaire. And he was, most importantly, not a man who made Mairi think he loved her back, only to break her heart over and over again.

The man beside her was not quiet and observant, his friendly charm something she now knew he effectively used to conceal the darkness inside him, the danger that he represented. He was a man who could kill with his bare hands, but for some reason that fact didn’t scare her. Maybe because she was already dead when they met, and Drake was the one who had brought her back to life.

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