The Art of Forgiving a Greek Billionaire (Book 4)

By: Marian Tee

The silent threat that followed made Cleon swallow. Why did this man want him to repeat every damn thing he had said? Why the focus on the details? Was their conversation being recorded and would it be used as a confession – evidence submitted to the police for his arrest?

“I’m getting impatient.”

The sound of cracking fists had Cleon mumbling hurriedly, “I saw her and I wanted to fuck her.”

Something in Damen died with those words.

This man. This bully. This sex maniac.

This asshole had wanted to fuck Mairi when he had seen her, and in that situation this man had been the one holding all the cards and Mairi…Mairi had none.

Mairi. God, Mairi. If only he could shout her name and have it heard throughout the world – if only there was something he could do that would ensure she would hear him.

I’m so damn sorry, Mairi. I’m so damn sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.

“I asked her if she was Damen Leventis’ fiancée.”

And again, Damen knew what the answer to the question was even before Cleon said it.


“She said no.”

Mairi would say no because she had not wanted anything to get back to Damen, had not wanted to cause him trouble because she loved him.

How many times, Damen wondered bleakly, had Mairi suffered for the sake of her love for him?

Cleon’s voice shook. “I swear, if she had said yes, I wouldn’t have touched her. If I had known she was your woman, Mr. Vlahos—”

Ioniko’s voice was hard as he snapped, “This is your last warning. Finish the story or it will be the last words you’ll ever say in this lifetime.”

At those words, Cleon couldn’t help it.

Not a single expression crossed Ioniko’s face as he watched the other man pee himself in fear.

Cleon started to sob like a fucking crybaby. “I told her we could come to an understanding. I saw in her eyes that she understood. She was frightened of me…”

The words made Damen’s heart crack into a thousand pieces.

If any of the gods could hear him now, let them take his life in exchange for turning back time and preventing Mairi from ever knowing that Cleon Frangos existed.

But if there was indeed a god listening to Damen, it was the god of vengeance and he struck ruthlessly, filling Damen with visions of a pale and shaking Mairi, fearful and alone, with no one to turn to for help as she found herself locked inside a room with Cleon Frangos.

“I was aroused by her fear. It made me want to fuck her even more. I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts…”

Pure instinct had Damen taking a step towards Cleon. It didn’t matter that what Cleon was saying had already taken place. Something in him wanted to protect Mairi – even if it was only the imaginary Mairi in his mind, the one who could not cry out because she was so damn afraid.

“She told me she did not want it, but I told her I could make her want it. I unzipped my pants and showed her my dick…”

In Damen’s mind, the story took on a life of its own, and in cruel irony, his imagination was able to stay a step ahead of Cleon’s story, painfully accurate in its ability to foresee what Mairi would have done. Because he knew her that well. Because he loved her that much. Because he had always known, had always fucking known deep inside himself that Mairi loved him so much she would do anything for him. Anything.

In his mind, he saw Mairi making the decision to run.

“She bolted from her seat and ran…”

He saw Mairi dashing to the door…

“I caught her just as she reached the door…”

Mairi would try to open it…

“She managed to open it, but I kept her from leaving. I started rubbing my dick against her butt. She was trapped between me and the door…”

There would be a crazed look of fear in Mairi’s eyes, a second where she would feel nothing but fear and desperation because she was trapped. But then the sanity would return, her instinctive courage. Mairi would not cry for help.

“She didn’t plead for me to stop.”

She would think of a way to get out. She would not give up easily.

“I was waiting for her to knee me. I was ready for that. But she didn’t. I forced her on her knees.”

And she would have a plan. Because his Mairi was not just beautiful and loving, she was smart and courageous, too, and she would not have let anyone hurt her just like that.

“She punched my dick.” Cleon’s face screwed up in remembered pain and fury, something in him still hating Mairi Tanner for that one act even though he had been the one to force himself on her. Mairi had not been the only girl to try fighting off his advances, but Mairi had been the first to succeed.

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