Compromising Positions

By: Tawny Taylor

“Sure. Maybe.” She hurried around a couple clawing at each other like bears in heat.

He smiled at her expression as she shuffled past them, her lips parting, cheeks flushing a pretty pink.

Damn this was a hot place, in more ways than one. It sure put him in the mood to fuck, with all the gyrating bodies and hard, thumping music. A song he recognized started playing, a slow, sexy number, and taking advantage of the moment, he caught Rin’s slender wrist.

She glanced over her shoulder.

“Dance with me.” He didn’t wait for her to respond, just tugged her gently until her body was flush with his. He looped one arm around her back, splaying his fingers over the base of her spine. He felt her stiffen against him then relax.

She was petite, the top of her head hitting his chest at about nipple level. He liked how small and fragile she felt in his arms, how her little body fit against his.

And how she worked those hips of hers. Damn.

Sparks of erotic hunger zapped and sizzled through his body with every sway. He tucked his leg between hers and rocked his hips from side to side, melting at the feeling of her hips working perfectly with his. Her feminine curves conformed to his hard angles as she pressed tighter against him. He cupped her chin and lifted, coaxing her to look at him, to let him see that beautiful face, to maybe taste her lush mouth.

A second female body crowded against him from behind. A woman’s hands glided down his tight thighs. Breasts flattened against his back. Within a second, his prick was hard enough to bust through brick, his balls tight, his blood burning like acid.

Rin’s eyes lifted to his, and her lips parted in a natural pout, so different from the practiced expression her friend had donned for him.

That was it; he had to kiss her.

He tipped his head, his entire body tight and hard and ready. But just before his mouth claimed hers, she lurched away. He opened his eyes to catch the redhead slipping into her place as the music changed.

He twisted to find his delicate Rin, but she’d disappeared into the crowd.

“She’s my friend,” Andi shouted over the music as she undulated against him. “I won’t say anything bad about her. But she’s just not into this. She’s so shy. Sorry.” She smoothed her hands up his torso.

He was sorry too.

There was something about her. A quiet sensuality that didn’t need to be forced. He hadn’t been that intrigued by a woman in a long time. “No need to apologize for her.”

“I’m guessing you like your women a little less aggressive?”


“Got it.” Her expression softened. “If you want to be the predator, I can be the prey. Let’s play.” Giggling, Andi slipped out of his arms and dashed into the crowd.

Now this was getting interesting.

Rin all but forgotten, he set out to hunt down his redheaded quarry in the black fuck-me dress.

Hunter. Prey. It looked like both of them would get what they were after tonight.


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