Box Set: My Alpha Billionaire

By: Tawny Taylor

His hands left my butt, and I heard the ziiip of a zipper. Ohmygod, was he going to…?

He had my back pinned against the slightly angled face of the driver’s side window. We were standing between my car and a minivan. It was dark.

But still I knew, even with the haze of need enveloping me almost completely, that someone could catch us at any moment.

His fingers hooked the crotch of my panties. There was a sharp yank, and the sodden material gave way. Cool air caressed my heated flesh, making me shiver.

“You aren’t going to hide from me again,” he said as he plunged his thick cock into me.

“No, I won’t,” I promised, tipping my hips to meet his thrust. “Never again.”

“Sir. Call me sir.” He slid deep. Full at last. Oh God, it felt so good, so right. Even here. Yes, here.

“I’ll never hide again, sir” I promised. I meant it too, every word.

“You should be punished.” He withdrew, to the tip then rammed deep again.

“Yes.” A surge of carnal heat rushed through me. I was going to come already. I could feel it, tingles of a powerful climax buzzing and zapping through my body. “I’m sorry. Punish me. Punish me hard.”

He did. He took me without mercy, pounding into my tight tissues with all his might. I surrendered to his possession and let myself be carried away by a powerful orgasm, screaming his name as the first spasm wracked my body. I trembled and quaked, gasping for breath as his torment continued. He showed me no mercy, pushing me over the edge again, making me come a second time before finally reaching his own climax. He slammed his mouth over mine as he jerked his cock out of me. His low growl of satisfaction vibrated in my mouth, my head, my throat. Trembling all over, I clung to him and fought to catch my breath. I’d never done anything like this. I’d never even dreamed of doing anything like this.

Sex in public?

Ohmygod. I’d just had sex in public.

While I huffed and puffed, he tucked himself back in his pants and zipped up. Then, holding me tenderly, he eased me to my feet and smoothed my skirt down. His gaze locked on mine.

“I’m sorry,” I said, tears gathering in my eyes. I dragged my thumbs under my lashes then crossed my arms over my chest. “I was scared.”

“Bristol.” Holding my hips, he pulled me into his arms. He kissed the top of my head and encased me in a warm embrace. “I want to protect you, if you’ll let me.” He cupped his hand under my chin, lifting it. “What were you scared of? Me?”

“No, not you. I was scared of how you made me feel, how powerful my wanting for you is.”

He caressed my cheek, thumbing away a tear that had dribbled down the side. “Baby, my wanting for you has been driving me mad for four weeks. I haven’t eaten. I can’t sleep. I can’t think. I haven’t even started the renovations on the house yet because I can’t concentrate on anything but you. I’ve wondered where you were, what you were doing, why you wouldn’t call me. You see what you’ve done to me? You’ve tormented me, haunted me. And I’m thankful. You’ve given me a reason to live again, to think about tomorrow. To plan for next week, next month.”

I’d never heard such beautiful words before. I was speechless.

“Tell me you’re mine, Bristol. I need to hear you say it.”

I looped my arms around his neck and rose up on tiptoes. He dipped his head down, lower, lower until our mouths were a breath apart. Then, I whispered, “I’m yours, Shane. I’ve been yours from the start, after that first magical kiss.” And then, I sealed my promise with a kiss. It was as magical as the first one. Not because it was a possession. No, it was a surrender. It was an unspoken vow. He was my master, and I was his slave. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Now I understood. I didn’t need to be afraid. Shane would never hurt me; he would never break my heart. I could trust him like I’d never trusted another man. He would be my lover, my protector, my strength, my courage. But only if I turned myself over to him, mind and body.

When the kiss ended, he smiled. “Now, you deserve a reward.” His hand slid around to my back, cupping my bottom, and a shiver of desire quaked through me. I leaned into him, feeling his hard, hot need pressing against my stomach.

“Here? Again?” I asked, a secret thrill setting my heart racing.

“No, eat first. You’re going to need your strength. I have big plans for you tonight. Big plans.”

My body ignited as he angled past me, opened my car door and pulled my bag of vegetable lasagna out. “Yes, sir.” We walked hand in hand to his car. And minutes later, we were zooming through quiet streets toward his home, toward his dungeon.

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