Box Set: My Alpha Billionaire

By: Tawny Taylor

At the end of the meal, he paid the bill then led me back to the car, placing a hand on the small of my back. That touch was so distracting I almost went the wrong way when we stepped outside. In fact, I started walking around the wrong side of the building, and he grabbed my shoulders to stop me and turned me back around, facing him.

My gaze jerked up, to his face.

He was looking down at me, eyes glimmering.

“The dinner was delicious, thank you,” I said, staring at his mouth. Could it be any more perfect? Kiss me, please. Kiss me now.

He licked his lips. His head tipped. A muscle on his jaw clenched. “You are something else.”

“Tell me more. I never tire of compliments.”

His laughter seemed to vibrate through my whole body. One of his hands cupped my cheek. I flattened my hand on his and held my breath. The moment was magical, and I wanted it to last a lifetime. Erotic energy was arcing through the still night air, leaping from his big, hard body to mine, zinging along my nerves, igniting little blazes everywhere.

But then he said, “I think I’d better take you back to your car now.”

You could kiss me first. “I’m in no hurry to go home.”

“Hmmmm.” The hand that was holding my cheek wandered south a little, fingers curling around my neck. It was a strange way to hold me, a strange place. But it excited me, thrilled me. “You don’t know me. Maybe it’s better you keep it that way.”

“What do you mean? Of course I know you. I’ve known you for years.”

“But not really.”

I didn’t understand. Was he hiding something? Was he not the man I thought? What I saw was a sexy man, a widower, an old friend, and a successful businessman who had turned his father’s one-man operation into a multi-billion dollar corporation. I also saw a man who could make my blood simmer with just a look. “What do you mean by that? Are you dangerous?”

“You might say that.” His hold on my neck tightened a tiny bit. It was just enough for me to notice, make me shiver a little, but not enough to make me really scared.

“Dangerous, how?”

“Just dangerous...” Moving fast, he grabbed both my arms and jerked them around my back. My heart jumped. I gasped. “Like this,” he said, tipping his head lower, whispering. “Dangerous, like needing things you might not be ready for.”

“What kind of things?”

He gathered my wrists into one fist and walked me backward until my body was smashed between him and the side of the restaurant. It felt so good, being trapped like this, powerless and waiting breathlessly for his next move. I didn’t have to wait long. His mouth slammed against mine. His lips smoothed over mine, and his tongue shoved into my mouth. He tasted so good, like man and wine. He felt so good, hard and hot. He smelled so good too, of need and woodsy cologne.

I surrendered willingly. His kiss was a possession. Hard and demanding and feral. Intoxicating. Wild rushes of erotic need slammed through me with every flick of his tongue, and I moaned into our joined mouths. I ached. I wanted more. I needed more.

When he broke the kiss, I whimpered. He didn’t back away. His body was crushed against mine, and I was so glad about that. My pelvis rolled forward and back in time to the pounding heat throbbing in my center.

“Dammit.” He jerked back, stared at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re Katherine’s daughter.”

“So what? I’m an adult.”


“But, what?” I didn’t understand what his problem was. Clearly, he was feeling guilty because he was Mom’s old friend. But that wasn’t a problem for me. “Like I said, I’m an adult.”

“Yes, so I can see.” As if to illustrate, his gaze shifted south, landing at roughly boob level.

“So, treat me like one.”

His eyes narrowed for a brief moment. Then he took my hand in his. “Okay.” He hurried me back to his car, circled around the rear to open my door. Once I was in my seat, he went around to the driver’s side, folded his large frame into his seat and within seconds we were roaring down the road. “But I have an idea you’ll change your mind about this.”

Chapter 2

What the hell is this?

I was stunned.

I was speechless.

I was in complete shock.

I had been wrong, when I’d thought I knew Shane Trant. How wrong I had been.

We were at his house, which was completely gorgeous. It was one of those high priced condos in town. He had the top two floors of an industrial building turned luxury condominiums. Huge and gorgeous, furnished with stuff that looked expensive and probably cost a crap ton of money. Recently, I’d started watching home design shows on TV. I’d developed something of an eye for quality. Shane’s house was like a showroom, full of priceless antiques, mixed with sleek, high-priced contemporary furniture. An interesting combination.

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