Ace (Band of Brothers #1)

By: Lyra Parish

"To fucking," I said. She didn't even flinch. I liked testing the waters.

She took the large shot of tequila with a gulp and looked at me with big blue eyes. I fiercely smiled over the top of the bottle before I took two huge drinks allowing it to coat my throat with a sting. I grabbed her by the hand and led her to my room in the back of the bus.

"I want you to strip for me," I whispered in her ear and she smiled. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her. Slowly her hips moved in a melodic rhythm as she slid her skirt from her hips. White see-through silk panties covered her pussy and I grinned. Slowly she inched her shirt over her head and all I saw were perky pink nipples. Her tits were natural, another thing I loved about a woman. That Barbie fake shit can stay in the box for all I care. I like women to be real. As she stared into my eyes, she inched her panties down, then flicked them from her toe. Shaven.

"Is that what you wanted, Ace?" Her voice was a purr as she shook her hips and walked to me.

My dick throbbed with want and need. "Lie on the bed and touch yourself," I commanded her and she listened to each word. Her blonde hair scattered around her head as she played with her clit, moaning, working herself and whispering my name, telling me how wet and horny I was making her by watching. She pinched her nipples, alternating from one to the other, then opened herself for me to see inside. Pink. Perfect.

Fuck, my dick was so hard. I removed my shirt and slid my pants and boxers from my body. Her eyes landed on my hard dick and she pushed her fingers deeper inside. "Fuck me. I want to feel you. Make my fantasies come true," she said.

Fantasy. I was okay with being that for her. I was that for a lot of women. I smirked thinking about it while I crawled on to the bed and placed my hands between her thighs. She opened her legs as wide as they would go.

Blondie leaned up and tried to kiss me on the lips but I turned my head. I never gave them what they wanted. Kissing on the mouth was too intimate for strangers; fucking them, on the other hand, wasn't. My logic may be flawed, but so was I.

This is purely physical.

I put on a condom for protection and sunk my dick balls deep into her. One could never be too careful with groupies. Her moans filled the bus as her fingernails scratched down my back. The pain brought spikes of pleasure that I welcomed.

Her tits bounced as I pounded her and she cried for me to go harder. If I did, I would break in her. We flipped over and Blondie rode me hard but I wouldn't come in her. My rule when fucking randoms was condoms and pulling out. I didn't need a few little shit heads running around.

When I felt the intense tug in my stomach and the roaring orgasm screamed to be released, I rolled her over on her back, pulled out and removed the condom, then jacked off on her stomach. She moaned with pleasure and delight as my warmness sprayed across her hard nipples and stomach.

"Fuck yeah, Ace. Give me your come." She pushed herself up on her elbows and ran her finger across her stomach then placed it in her mouth. She tasted me and she liked it. "You taste so fucking good. You should have let me swallow you, baby. Shouldn't waste it."

I didn't want her to talk. I didn't want her to give me pet names like she knew me. She had no idea who the fuck I was and probably only knew the facts that were posted in magazines and on the Internet. All that bullshit the media spread was like a disease; it wasn't me, but what they wanted me to be. Everyone always tried to romanticize who I was. Fuck that!

She lay on the bed with a smile on her face and blinked slow. Her voice dipped down low and she looked at me with lust-filled eyes. "Will you go down on me now baby?"

I rolled off the bed and went to the shower to wash off her stench. The thought of what happened disgusted me. Why the fuck did I insist on one-night stands? The only thing happy was my dick. When had I become a walking logical fallacy? When my ex made me realize relationships and I mix like oil and water.

I put on clean clothes and walked back to the bedroom. She lay cross my bed, waiting. I threw her a towel to clean up the mess I made across her skin.

"Show's over. Get dressed. Get out," I said.

Her mouth dropped open with a gasp as she cleaned herself dry. "But what about mine? Aren't you going to make me come?"

"I don't go down on randoms, sweetheart. Nothing personal. I only fuck sluts, not eat them."

She flew up out of bed, tits bouncing with each hard step she took as she threw the towel at me and picked up her clothes from the floor.

"You're a fucking prick, Ace Hathway."

I gave her a big smile, showing all my whites. "And you begged to be fucked by this prick's dick, so what does that make you?"

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