By: Arabella Quinn

The Billionaire's Son 7

The night of Derek's Initiation couldn't have been any stranger. I had snuck into The Club full of excited anticipation. Earlier, I had overheard Ethan telling Derek that he wouldn't be initiated without me present. Even though Derek was adamant that he didn't want me involved, I convinced myself that he would lose everything if I didn't help.

But I knew on some level that it was just a flimsy excuse. From the brief glimpses of the activities I had seen on earlier occasions, I realized that I would witness erotic acts of explicit sexuality all around me. That awareness fueled secret fantasies that I could never fully repress or deny to myself. I imagined myself, as Derek's slave, being required to perform sexual service for him in front of club members. The scenarios I conjured up left my pussy aching with desire. I wasn't sure where this sudden hedonistic nature had come from, but once I had been exposed to these kinky activities, I craved more.

Unfortunately, reality did not match up with my fantasies. Watching Derek participating in sexual activities with countless willing females only caused me pain, jealously, and anger. And the small part that I played in the strange ritualistic ceremony left me cold and unfulfilled. The night had not been going as I had so naively wished. Before I had any command of my plummeting emotional state, I found myself on the brink of become a willing victim of Ethan's perversity.

Just in time, Derek pulled me from the precipice of my own stupidity. What I had known deep down, all along, was that it was only ever about Derek. He stirred a passion in me so unfathomable that it was frightening. The Club's atmosphere certainly titillated me, but the only man that interested me was Derek.

As we lay sated in each other's arms, in full view of any club member who cared to notice, he surprised me once again by acting so different. He seemed so innocent and child-like when I had just seen him acting anything but minutes before.

I had expected anger when he realized I had gone against his wishes and snuck into his Initiation. In fact, he had caught me submitting to Ethan's demands and yet he acted elated just to be near me. The sex we had was phenomenal as usual, heightened by the fact that I knew we were out in the open where anyone could see. But something in my heart stirred as we snuggled close. Could this be more than just sex for Derek?

I quickly tamped down my crazy thoughts - it was way too dangerous. I had already reluctantly acknowledged to myself that I was in love with him. Allowing myself to indulge in the impossible notion for even a moment that he had deeper feelings for me was too hazardous for my vulnerable and fragile heart. Derek was a player. He wasn't looking for commitment. Don't let your heart get played, Julia!

We lay side by side on the small settee, our limbs entwined. Derek's hand rested on my breast, his thumb deliciously stroking my nipple every so often. The euphoric daze of our lovemaking was beginning to wear off. Derek's eyes were closed, a slight smile resting on his lips.

Sounds of the actions taking place around us began to filter through my hazy awareness. Grunting, sighing, moaning, and lusty cries filled the air. Curious, I surreptitiously glanced around the room. No one had been paying us any attention, because everyone else was universally engaged in their own activities. Paired off couples, threesomes, and even larger groups were engaged in a variety of sexual acts. I felt a tingle of arousal as I watched a woman writhing on the floor being alternately possessed by two masked men. Slightly to their left, a nude woman was stretched across an upright wooden structure, her legs spread wide and secured to the apparatus, her wrists shackled to the board above her head.

I shivered slightly, my pussy clenched with anticipation, as I wondered what the man slowly circling her was about to do. Derek's soft chuckle had my face flaming with embarrassment.

"Whoa, Princess. You're ready for more? Already?" Derek smiled teasingly at me.

The erotic sights around me did have my pussy aching for more - as long as it was from Derek. I felt as if I could never get enough of him. "I was just, uh…"

Derek's mouth was tantalizingly close to my breast. His fingers stroked and tweaked my nipple, sending sweet jolts of desire straight to my core. "I know you like to watch. I still remember seeing your head peeking out the window in the cabana. I loved knowing you were watching me. And I loved catching you at it even more. Too bad you ran away before I could really punish you."

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