By: Arabella Quinn

The Billionaire's Son 6

Derek swung his car around to the side of his father's estate and parked. He hoped like hell that Julia was in her office. He needed to see her, but he wanted to be extra cautious not to compromise her identity to the members of The Club. His private investigator, Scott, had gotten her home address and phone number, but he didn't want to lead anyone right to her doorstep. Stopping by her office seemed the least risky option.

He hadn't seen or talked to Julia since the night they had spent together at his townhouse, and that was about five days ago. Julia was probably wondering what happened to him, but he had been entangled in all sorts of business. First, Scott had found out that The Club was investigating his fake identity. Being so close to finding out what happened to Elise, now more than ever, Derek didn't want his cover blown. Plus, he wanted to make sure that no one had discovered Julia's identity. Then his father started acting quite suspiciously, sending him on an urgent business trip that turned out to be a wild goose chase. He still wasn't sure what Jackson was up to.

Sliding out of the car, he glanced around. No one seemed to be watching. He had gotten used to scanning his surroundings and several times he had thought he spotted a person tailing him. Today, all seemed quiet. Scott had warned him that The Club had been digging deep into his cover story. So far, everything seemed to have held up.

He strode to the side entrance and slipped into the estate. On his way to Julia's office, he struggled with how much information to tell her. Ultimately, he decided to tell her everything; after all, she had already experienced The Club's dubious activities first hand. But he would make sure that she was kept far away from its clutches from now on. If only he could keep her away from Jackson too.

Derek paused at her office door, which was cracked open a few inches. Julia was sitting behind her desk pouring over stacks of paper. Her long wavy hair partially obscured her face as she tapped a pencil absent-mindedly against the top of the desk. Derek felt his cock tightening as he remembered their numerous passionate encounters. He visualized Julia, naked on the desk, her long legs spread open in invitation. His cock was growing hard and thick with need just imagining the scene. Derek shook his head, forcing himself to erase the sexy images from his mind. He needed a clear head to talk with Julia today.

Before he could compose himself and tap on the door to break Julia's concentration, she glanced up directly at him. Derek felt his cock twitch as he held her gaze. Julia's eyes widened when she spotted him and her cheeks flushed rosy. The air seemed electrified with sexual tension, as Derek stood motionless studying her.

As Derek watched, Julia's eyes narrowed in annoyance. The spell was broken. Julia looked down at her papers and resumed her work, brushing him off. Derek released the breath he hadn't even realized he was holding. Hell, she's mad.

Derek knocked lightly on the door. "Julia, can I talk to you for a moment?"

Derek heard her annoyed sigh before she motioned for him to enter. "I'm pretty busy, you'll have to make it quick."

He stepped inside, assessing her face. What could have changed since they last saw each other? That he had to leave before she awoke? Or that he hadn't called her yet? He wasn't sure, but he could feel the anger emanating from her.

He stood in front of her desk, but she didn't even stop her work to look up at him. "I can see that you're annoyed with me, Princess. Want to tell me why?"

Julia very deliberately put down her pencil and then finally looked up at him. He saw a look of innocence and hurt cross her face before the cool look of indifference masked her obvious anger. "For starters, you haven't been honest with me."

"I'm not sure what you're talking about exactly. In fact, I don't remember a whole lot of talking going on during all our times together."

Derek watched a blush of embarrassment heat her face and neck as she squirmed under his direct gaze.

She picked up her pencil and started tapping it against the desk again. "Okay. How about you tell me why you took five million dollars out of Vaughn holdings?"

Derek narrowed his eyes. "I'm not sure that it's any of your business, Julia. And that's not why you are so angry with me anyway. It's something more… personal. And I want you to tell me exactly what it is."

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