Taken by The Boss

By: Sam Crescent

Matthew nodded.

Her grip tightened as they walked over to the far room. Several couples were in the room. Luke wasn’t present. When he’d discussed getting a scene together, he’d not anticipated so many people being present. Clara kept a firm grip on him.

“How are you holding up?” he asked.

“I’m fine, Matthew. I’m not made of glass. I’m not going to break at any moment.”

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Matthew wished for her bare skin.

“Why are there people on the floor with chains around their necks?” she asked.

“They’re subs. They’re at their master’s feet.”

She took a deep breath and settled by his side.

Luke walked in with a girl trailing behind him. A collar attached around her neck with her head bowed in submission. Luke stopped at their table. The blonde woman looked familiar. Matthew couldn’t be sure if he’d trained her once before.

Clara froze by his side.

“Present yourself,” Luke said. The woman went down on her knees with her legs apart. Her head bowed in submission.

“That’s the position of a submissive,” Matthew said.

His friend took the seat opposite.

“I thought I suggested a smaller get together.”

     “Clara needs to know everything that is on offer. There is more to life than being someone’s wife or sub. She needs to know what she’s getting herself into.” Luke’s gaze never left Clara. A sweep of possession went through Matthew. He didn’t like the other man’s gaze on his woman. “She looks superb, Matthew. You bought the dress?”

     “You damn well know I did,” Matthew growled.


*  * * *


Clara felt her man tense by her side. Something was going on between Luke and Matthew. She didn’t understand what but it clearly made Matthew angry. The woman on the floor looked so beautiful. The pose reminded her a little of a bronze sculpture she’d once owned before needing to sell it for her father’s debts. Her gaze couldn’t move away. She looked so beautiful even in her nudity.

     She never thought looking at another woman would be all that appealing. Seeing her now, Clara knew there was more to her than sex. The woman, in her submission, offered up her trust.

     “Why don’t you go and get us all a drink, Matthew. I want to talk with your woman. Don’t worry, I won’t scare her away.”

     Her man looked like he wanted to throttle his friend. She smiled up at him, letting him know she’d be fine. He left their table. The woman on the floor remained in her position.

     “Are you willing to try to be what he needs?” Luke asked.

     “I don’t know what he needs.”

     Luke leaned back in his seat, running a finger across his bottom lip. “I’m not sure about you. Matthew is convinced he sees a submissive in you. I don’t know whether he’s hoping there is one or if he’s blinded by need to have you.”

     Heat filled her cheeks at his assessment.

     “Surely, Matthew would have grown bored with me after having me.”

     He chuckled. She watched as he reached out to stroke the woman’s hair by his side. “Matthew trained her. Her real name is Anne but here she likes to go by Pet.”

     Clara stared at the woman on the floor. Matthew trained her?

     “I… erm…”

     “Don’t worry, they were never lovers. Matthew trained her without penetration, didn’t he?”

     “Anne is my woman. She doesn’t need a wedding band, only my ownership.” He circled the collar around her neck. Glancing down at the diamond ring on her finger, Clara felt out of place.

     “You’re clearly mistaken about me. I never approached Matthew. He came to me at all times.” She thought about the ad in the paper along with the change of position with regards to her job. She’d never done anything to improve her position.

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