Taken by The Boss

By: Sam Crescent

How should she respond to that statement? She’d only ever talked to Matthew about him being a Dom.

“I know my words have shocked you.”

“It’s not that. Well, Matthew and I haven’t gotten much chance to talk about it.” She stopped shredding the chicken to glance at him. His intense stare startled her.

“You’ve got questions?”

She nodded. “I’m going to talk with Matthew.”

Matthew understood her more than the man in front of her.

“I can answer some questions you might have.” His gaze roamed her body.

Turning away from him, she grabbed a few more items out of the fridge. He remained in his seat.

“I’d rather not talk about such… personal matters with someone I don’t know.”

Luke chuckled. “You’re already passing many tests.”

She frowned at him. The desire to ask him questions filled her but she kept them under wraps. The only person she wished to speak to was Matthew.

“Matthew will not allow anything to happen to him. He’s more than a man with money. Your safety means everything to him. Your father has taken advantage for the last time.”

“You know my father?”

“I know to avoid him. He’s not got the best reputation. Matthew must really love you to intercede on your behalf.”

Ignoring the man in front of her, she finished preparing the salad. She glanced at the clock, and wondered how long Matthew would be. Her hands shook slightly at her father’s panicked words. Being without Matthew wasn’t an option. He’d invaded her heart and her mind. She couldn’t live without him.

“You love him?” Luke asked.

She jerked her head in acknowledgment.

“I think you should tell him.”

Clara handed him the plate of food she made. She ate her salad in silence. Once she finished, she washed their plates then offered him a good night before going back to her room. Closing the door firmly behind her, Clara went over to the closest that held his clothing.

Fingering the items he’d worn, she inhaled his scent. His masculine fragrance invaded her senses but his scent was masked by washing powder.

She sat down on the bed and glanced at the clock.

“Where are you?” Nibbling her lip, she tried to calm her nerves. No matter what she tried to think about her thoughts reverted back to Matthew. Her father wasn’t a good man and wouldn’t have any problems with causing Matthew pain.

She lay back on the bed, wishing for the man she loved to be by her side. Reaching out to his pillow, she curled her fingers around the fabric before holding the pillow against her.

“I miss you,” she said. In the matter of a couple of weeks Matthew had taken over her world. Her thoughts were constantly on him. Their time apart hurt more than she liked to think about. She stared out the window and wondered what he was doing.




Chapter Three


The drive to the hotel where Randal rented a room was uneventful. Matthew kept his attention on the road while ignoring the man at his side. Edward looked ready to jump out of the car.

“You can’t ignore me, Matthew. I’m Clara’s father,” he said.

“The best thing for that girl to do is ignore you. You’re a bastard who only cares about yourself. I want you out of her life for good,” Matthew said. Clara deserved better than what her father had given her.

Matthew pulled into a parking space. He pulled Edward out of the car then made his way to the front desk. The woman looked at him suspiciously.

“I’m here to see Randal,” he said.

She lifted the phone, spoke then pointed toward the elevator.

Tugging the older man at his side, Matthew waited by the elevators. One opened, revealing two men inside.

“Edward, we thought you’d never arrive.”

Matthew pushed the man inside. Edward stumbled then tried to stand as far away from the men as possible. Matthew got in and glared at the older man as the door closed and they rose upward. Matthew wanted to throttle Clara’s father for the danger he’d put her in. He kept his anger inside. No one said a word inside the elevator as they travelled upwards. The elevator stopped and the door pinged open. They passed more men before another door opened. Matthew spotted Randal instantly. The man stood at the end of the bed, fucking a woman. Her pleasured cries filled the air. Only when Randal completed did he turn to them.

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