Taken by The Boss

By: Sam Crescent

“Ah, Matthew Johnson, I wondered when you’d turn up. I’ve heard all about your contract with the lovely Clara.” Randal zipped his pants then moved toward them.

Edward visibly shook at his side.

Matthew shook Randal’s hand before taking a seat. He declined a beer but accepted a coffee.

“What did he offer you?” Matthew asked.

Randal dropped the photograph of Clara onto the table. “He offered me her.”

He raised his fist in the direction of Edward. “You little fucker. You think offering her out will stop people coming after you?” He wanted to kill the bastard. The man may be older but what he’d done was fucking low.

The man before him chuckled. “I don’t want Clara even though she’s tempting. She makes me hard. I’m not interested in more women, and Clara doesn’t have what I need.”

“Then tell me what you do want.”

“No, you tell me why you’re here?” Randal took control of the conversation.

Glaring at Edward, Matthew turned his attention back to Randal. “I’m here to make sure nothing happens to Clara. She’s my woman. I own her and she’s mine. I don’t want to have to worry about her being approached in the street. Also, I know she’s finished with him. All he wants from her is money. I will pay you what he owes, but I want your guarantee nothing will happen to Clara.”

If Clara wasn’t in danger he wouldn’t be here with this man. Being a legal business man put him at risk in Randal’s company. He’d do anything for Clara.

“I agree to make sure your woman is safe I’ll do what is necessary. I’ll take his debt and in return I don’t want you interfering with what I’ve got planned for him. He owes me more than one payment.”

They all stopped speaking as the woman Randal was fucking when they walked in left the apartment.

“I’ll give you the amount you ask, then I want nothing to do with him.” For a time Clara would be upset but this was for her own good.

“That sounds good to me.”

Matthew shook Randal’s hand then agreed to bring the money to him the following day.

“No, you can’t leave me. He’ll kill me. Clara will never forgive you if you give me up.” Edward started begging on his knees.

He stared down at the man, feeling revulsion rise inside him. “You should have thought about that before you brought this shit to my door.” Matthew pushed the man away then left the apartment.

The last words he heard was Edward begging. He’d done what needed to be done. Putting a call through to Luke, he told him what had happened. Once he gave his friend an update, he drove away from the hotel.

Clara may hate him for a short time but he’d done everything to keep her safe. When he pulled into his parking lot relief swamped him. Inside Clara slept, safe, protected away from any danger.

Luke stood at the door when he entered.

“You’ve got a beautiful woman, Matthew. I’m jealous.”

“Did she come down?”

“Only after her stomach demanded, she did. She didn’t want to talk to me about anything. I’m going to stay in the guest room. Get me up to speed tomorrow.” Luke left him alone with his thoughts. Letting out a sigh, he locked up the office then made his way up the stairs. The sight that greeted him when he opened the bedroom door filled him with yearning. Clara lay with his pillow clutched in her hands. Her eyes were closed. The white negligee she wore covered her curves beautifully. He’d prefer to see her naked.

Matthew undressed then moved to climb in the bed. He snuggled up behind her.

She whimpered, turned over to snuggle against him.

Her eyes opened. The moment she saw him, she smiled. “You’re back.”

He brushed the curls off her face and smiled down at her. “I’m back. I’m not going anywhere.”

Clara pulled him down for a kiss. “I missed you.”

Taking her lips with his, Matthew showed her with his kiss how much he’d missed her.

Her moans echoed off the walls as he glided his palm up her thigh. Her soft skin felt damn good against him.

“What happened?” she asked when she broke away.

“He’s not going to bother you anymore.”

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