Taken by The Boss

By: Sam Crescent

His body was so much larger than hers.

“Will my father—”

“Don’t ask about him, Clara. You’ve done everything you can for him. You’re only concern now is me.”

“And about your domination?” she asked.

He smiled. “Have you been thinking about it?”

“I went into the room before my father interrupted. I’m intrigued about it, and I want to know more.”

“I’ll teach you, baby. Everything you need to know. It would be a pleasure for you to be my submissive but I’ve got one more thing to ask you before we move on to that.”

“What? What do you need to ask me?” Her curiosity got the better of her. She never intended to deny him. BDSM may not be in her knowledge bank but she was more than happy to learn from him.

He chuckled. “All in good time. I want you to sleep.”

“How can I sleep?”

“I’ve told you to sleep.” He kissed her nose then settled down. “This is the best part of my day.”

“Going to sleep?” she asked.

“No, having you in my arms. You’re all I care about, Clara. You need to realize there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. You own my heart.”

“And you own mine.” She snuggled against his solid warmth. In her mind she finally closed the door on her father. Edward Baines, in his time, had caused too much heartache. Sometimes, in order to move on, people needed to get rid of the people who hurt them the most. Her father, the main cause of all of her problems, needed to be let go.

That night, Clara finally let go of the soul who’d been destroying her happiness. Once she’d pushed him away for good, Clara slept peacefully.




Chapter Four


     Waking up next to Clara would never get old, at least to Matthew. He’d never get tired of it. The sun shone through the curtains, highlighting her beautiful body. She looked peaceful in sleep. “I’ll never let anything happen to you,” he said.

     When she made no move to wake, he climbed out of bed and chuckled.

     She looked exhausted from last night’s love making. Her soft sigh escaped only to be replaced by a small snore.

     Putting on a pair of sweat pants. Matthew made his way downstairs. He found Luke in the kitchen making coffee. “I thought I heard you up.”

     His friend turned to him. “Where’s Clara? I thought you’d be fucking her into this afternoon.”

     At the raised brow on Luke’s face, Matthew chuckled. “I take it you heard us?”

     “I heard you. I’m surprised the house hasn’t fallen down around us. You were pounding the wall some with the bed. Didn’t you feel that?”

     “You’re only jealous I’ve found a submissive and you’re still training them.” Matthew poured himself a generous cup of coffee then went toward the front door. The paper boy already posted that morning’s paper. There was nothing about dead bodies or anything suspicious, which Matthew felt relieved to know. With no dead bodies turning up that could only mean Edward was still alive. Matthew hated the man but Clara would probably be upset if her father died.

     He checked to make sure nothing about her father appeared inside.

     “I like training them.” Luke took a drink of his coffee. “I’m not looking for a permanent relationship anyway.”

     “You say that now. You haven’t lived until you’ve found the right woman to complete your soul. Clara is my other half. I’ve never felt more alive than when she’s in my arms.” Matthew smiled, walking back toward the kitchen.

     Luke didn’t say a word.

     He checked his mail before calling his banker to arrange for the money he needed. Then he called Clara’s landlord and terminated her contract with him.

     “That’s a bit heavy handed. She’s only agreed to be with you for paying off all of her debts.”

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