Taken by The Boss

By: Sam Crescent

Clara stared up at him shocked by his sudden proposal. She was more than prepared to explore the lifestyle with him. Part of her felt excited about giving herself over to him while another part of her feared the unknown.

“Say something,” he said.

“You don’t need to propose to me, Matthew. I’m staying here with you.” Clara didn’t want him to feel he needed to propose.

“I’m asking you because I want you to be my wife, Clara.” Matthew stood up. “I’m not taking you into that room unless you’re my wife.”


“Because I don’t want you to have a reason to run from me.” He pressed a hand against the door. “You and Luke may think I need this but I don’t. I love being a Dom, but being a Dom is not the only part of me.”

He cupped her cheek and then walked away. “I’ve got to go out. I’ll need your answer when I get back.”

Matthew left her standing in his office, alone. She’d hurt him. Hurting him never entered her head. She’d rather cut her own arm off than hurt him.

The sound of the front door closing pulled her out of her troubled thoughts. She ran to the window in time to see he’d driven away.

“Shit,” she said.

Why had she held herself back? Marrying him would be a blessing.

Shaking her head at her insane morning, she walked up the stairs to the bathroom. She took a long shower before going down to the sitting room. She dialed her friend Tara. Talking to her most trusted friend would be an idea.

“Hello,” Tara said, sounding sleepy.

“Hiya, it’s me.”

She heard movement over the line, followed by a few cuss words. “Hold on, Clara. I’ve got to get my mind working. I’ll call you back.” The line went dead.

Placing the phone back in the cradle, Clara stared ahead of her. The only person she trusted was Tara.

Her hands shook as the phone rang. She picked it up.

“Now, I’m ready to hear you. My mind is open and the scent of coffee is working wonders for my apartment.”

She chuckled. “I’m sorry for calling you so early.”

“Don’t worry about it. My girl is free to call whenever she’s got a problem. I hope I can help.”

Nibbling her lip, Clara wondered if her friend could help.

“Matthew proposed.”

Tara’s squeal over the line made her chuckle, nervously.

“Wow, I can’t wait to meet this guy. Did you say yes? When is the wedding?”

“I… erm…didn’t give him an answer.”


Clara explained everything to Tara. She talked about the dominance along with herself being a submissive. Her friend asked little questions but listened to everything she said.

“I don’t know what to do,” Clara said.

“I can’t tell you what to do. Think about how Matthew makes you feel. Forget about all the other crap with regards to his lifestyle and concentrate on what makes you happy.  You deserve to be happy.”

She listened to her friend’s advice. When Tara needed to leave Clara rang off. Without Tara to keep her company, Clara felt alone. Matthew hadn’t called. Her heart felt heavy inside her chest.

Instead of waiting for him, she decided to take her stresses out on some baking. The scent of baking always calmed her.

Turning the oven on, Clara went in search of the bakery goods she’d need to make a simple sponge cake. She loved Matthew’s kitchen. The up to date appliances and space made it her favorite place to be.

He walked into the house once she started baking. Matthew took a seat at the counter and watched her. She added baking powder to the mix. She stuck her tongue out as she concentrated.

“You were gone a long time,” she said.

“I’ve got everything sorted with regards to your father. He won’t be coming around and upsetting you anymore.”

Nodding, she grabbed the wooden spoon to start mixing the eggs into the butter mixture.

She stared at the yellow batter, feeling Matthew’s presence deep in her soul.

“Yes,” she said, suddenly.

Her words startled her.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you. On the one condition,” she said. Baking always cleared her head but never this much.

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