Undercover in the CEO's Bed

By: Coleen Kwan

Her mind and heart had fought so hard to distance him, but her body remembered him instinctively, and the heat he’d always triggered so easily in her leaped up, an instant conflagration. Her nose was inches away from his shirt. The urge to nuzzle and suck in the smell of him made her weak at the knees.

A firm finger slid under her chin as Lex lifted her face to his. She wobbled in disbelief. His head lowered, his mouth tantalizingly close to hers. Was he going to...? Surely she couldn’t let him... But she was paralyzed as his lips hovered an inch over hers.


Almost drugged by his proximity, she raised her dazed eyes to his. “Yes?”

“Judging by how you’re looking at me right now, I’d say you’d make a pretty good pretend girlfriend.”

Reality snapped back. Dammit, she was practically drooling over him like he was a powdered doughnut. Without a word, she pushed past him and hurried away, not daring to look back in case she saw Lex smiling after her.

Pretend girlfriend. Her near swoon hadn’t been pretending at all, and they both knew it.

Lex looked on as Jacinta practically leaped from the streetcar in her rush to get away from him. Did she really hate him that much? Once upon a time she hadn’t been able to keep her hands off him, and the feeling had been mutual.

Had? It was still there, that urge to pull her into his arms and make her his. A second ago he’d been this close to kissing her. God, the temptation! He still hadn’t recovered. He stared after her as she hurried down the sidewalk. Her legs flashed, long and shapely, as she tossed back her thick, dark brown hair. She was more breathtaking than he’d remembered.

A guy turned to check her out, and Lex’s fingers curled into a fist. Jackass. He shook his head. Damn, was he jealous of Jacinta? What about the date she had tonight? Was it serious? A weird tightness formed in his chest. Swiping the back of his hand across his brow, he forced himself to sit back as the streetcar rumbled on.

He never rehashed old history, and Jacinta belonged in the past. When they’d broken up, he’d sworn never to contact her again. Only the unfolding crisis in his company had forced his hand. He’d identified the most efficient course of action, which meant contacting Jacinta again, and so he’d done it. But he’d underestimated the impact of old memories, and seeing her in person had punched the air from his lungs. Luckily, the overcrowded streetcar meant he’d had to wait a while before approaching her, but even then, the sight of her startled, toffee-brown eyes fixing on him had sent a subterranean jolt right through him.

It was nothing, though. Just a little sexual frustration. Being so close to her had reminded him how sexually compatible they were. She was, simply and crudely, the best lay he’d ever had. Not because she was experienced or kinky, but the opposite—because of the way she gave herself to him with such abandon and trust, her delight fueling his desire.

He wouldn’t say no to revisiting their bedroom sessions. And maybe neither would she, judging by the way she’d felt up his chest a minute ago. His body pulsed at the memory. Christ, he was a sucker for the way she fondled him in that adorably dazed way of hers—

He quashed that train of thought. Seducing Jacinta might be a fun diversion, but he had to concentrate on the main game. He didn’t have time to spare. She was his best chance of saving his company, and after all the hard work he’d put in to get to the top position, he wasn’t going to let it all collapse in his hands. Jacinta would help him. He’d convince her, no matter how much she hated his guts.

Chapter Two

Kevin buried his head in his hands. “I was such a tool at my interview. I knew the answers, but I couldn’t find the right words.”

Jacinta deposited her bags on the kitchen counter and summoned up an encouraging smile. “You can’t give up hope. It’s just one interview.”

“But it’s hard enough to score an interview. I’m never going to get a job.”

“You’ve got to maintain your self-confidence.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

As she studied her dejected twenty-one-year-old brother, resentment spiked in her. This was all Lex’s fault. He’d smashed Kevin’s confidence to smithereens. Yes, Kevin had definitely been in the wrong. In his final year of college, Kevin had landed an IT internship at Jubilee Holdings. He’d been excited at the opportunity, but a few months into the internship, he’d done something incredibly stupid. He’d hacked into the company’s client database and sent off a stream of prank emails.

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