Undercover in the CEO's Bed

By: Coleen Kwan

“You’re so unreasonable!” Her eyes were flashing. Usually they were a soft honey caramel color, but now they were spitting. “What do you have against Kevin, huh?”

“Come on,” he scoffed, his temper rising. “He sent out hundreds of fake emails saying we were going to build a five-star hotel on Alcatraz, and when those emails went viral, we were hammered on social media. It took weeks before our reservations recovered. And you don’t understand why I’m against him?”

“If he managed to hack into a supposedly secure database, doesn’t that show he has talent?”

“I don’t need that kind of talent.”

“But it’s not just the hacking.” Her chest heaved up and down. “Even before that happened, you never liked him. Admit it.”

The movement of her breasts was mesmerizing. Realizing he was staring at the top button of her shirt, he forced his eyes elsewhere. Damn, why did her breasts have such a devastating effect on his concentration? He focused his thoughts on her brother. Kevin Greene. A mousy kind of guy. Not someone he’d seek out or remember easily. But if it weren’t for Kevin, Lex would never have met Jacinta. So was that a plus or a minus?

“Okay, I never liked him,” he said. “But that has nothing to do with why I won’t hire him back. He deliberately abused his position. He knew what he was doing was wrong, and yet he still did it. He can’t be trusted, and I won’t hire anyone I can’t trust. Period.”

“But you want to hire me. Does that mean you trust me?”

“I trust your professional reputation.”

Her hands clamped around her purse. “Everything is so black-and-white with you, isn’t it? It must be such a comfort, knowing exactly what’s right and wrong, never doubting your judgment, never wondering if perhaps you might have done something questionable. Well, let me tell you, most people aren’t like you. Most people can at least acknowledge there are different sides to most arguments.”

Her words prickled his conscience, but he shrugged off the irritation. “Is there a point you’re trying to make, or do you just want to rehash the same old arguments?”

“Kevin hasn’t been able to find a job since you got him expelled from school.”

“I’ve just offered you a quarter of a million dollars. Give the money to him if you want.”

“No.” She shook her head. “This is something money can’t fix.”

Why couldn’t she just take the money like most people? But Jacinta wasn’t most people. She was independent and fiercely loyal, and maybe he even respected her for that. He forced his shoulders to relax in an effort to appear less combative.

“Let’s not argue. Isn’t there something else I can do for you?” God, he was almost pleading with her. Did she realize how difficult this was for him? To ask her for help while his pride battled her attraction?

“Jacinta?” His voice lowered of its own accord, and he glimpsed a flash of something in her wide eyes—something soft and yearning—before she pressed her lips together.

“Don’t tell me you’re trying to butter me up?”

He lavished her with a dimpled smile. “Is it working?”

“Oh, you’ll have to come up with more than just ‘Ja-cin-ta.’” She mimicked his husky voice.

Her throaty tone had the blood coursing thick through his veins. “How much more?”

“A lot more. You’ll have to stifle your ego and find Kevin a job.”

Lex sighed. “So you agree it’s a lot to ask.”

“That depends. How bad do you want me?” She flushed then, as her double entendre sunk in.

They were both breathing hard, he realized, but he wasn’t about to admit how much he really wanted her. He scratched his chin. “We-ell...I’m thinking about it.”

Jacinta huffed in exasperation. “Okay, then. Looks like it’s been a waste of time. I’ll be on my way.” She spun on her heel and marched off.

He gazed after her, at her slim shoulders and straight back, at her smooth hair bouncing against her shirt, at the narrow skirt compressing around her ass as she walked away as quickly as possible. God, she had a great ass...

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