Mail-Order Millionaire

By: Carol Grace

Giovanni proves elusive but Marco Moretti – a mysterious, handsome Italian – seems to be everywhere she is. Anne Marie doesn’t know why the persistent, irrestible Marco wants to find Giovanni as badly as she does, or if her old friend’s in some kind of trouble – but she soon discovers that it’s her own heart that’s in danger…of falling head over heels for the man who insists on being her personal tour guide to true love.

“It’s a love song,” Marco said.

“But it sounds so sad,” Anne Marie whispered.

“Because it is sad. He is singing of his lost love. He remembers her hair, like dark clouds….” Marco leaned across the table and took a strand of Anne Marie’s hair between his fingers. “Like yours.”

She swallowed hard. It was just a song. But Marco was real. The heat from his body, the sound of his voice, the touch of his hand…they were real. She should stop him now, before she got lost in those dark eyes or got hypnotized by the sound of his voice.

“Her skin was as pale as marble,” Marco said, so softly she had to lean forward to catch the words. He traced a line on the inside of her bare arm to her wrist. She shivered in the warm night air, and her heart thudded wildly. “As soft as velvet, and her lips were kissed by the morning dew.”

Anne Marie knew what was coming next, and her lips trembled in anticipation…

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