Mail-Order Husband:The Millionaire's Debt

By: Rebecca Tilley

She had been going about her business around the house for a few hours when she heard the sound of a horse. She knew better than to get excited because of her experience the day before. To her horror it was Mr. Gantry again, and he was on the war path. “Come on out here Ms. Haynes.” His voice had a nasty edge to it today.

Daphne walked out the door with her head held high. She had nothing to fear from this coward today. Her savior had arrived yesterday and would be paying off the farm in the afternoon. “What is it Mr. Gantry?”

“What, no, how are you Mr. Gantry?”

“What is it Mr. Gantry?”

“I am here to inform you that your property has officially been foreclosed upon.” He let these words hang in the air a minute and smiled. “You have until the end of the day to vacate the premises Ms. Haynes.”

“No. There must be some mistake. I have until day after tomorrow to pay it off. I have someone coming in to make a payment today.”

“No mistake Ms. Haynes. The foreclosure was expedited. You have until sundown to be off this property or we will remove you by force. Anything of value must be left in place to be sold for cash.”

With that he mounted his horse and was gone. Daphne felt as though she had been kicked by a mule. How could this have happened? Where was Micah? Why did she have to deal with this on her own? She became angry. If Micah had been here instead of traipsing about the countryside doin’ who knows what, she would not have lost her farm. Why didn’t he go make the payment this morning? She couldn’t believe she had started to let herself have feelings for him. He was just like all men, lousy. She walked back inside the house, sat down at the kitchen table, and began to sob.

Chapter 5

When Micah had finished his morning errands he galloped as quickly as he could back to the small farmhouse. He was excited to see Daphne, and see how she had liked the flowers. When he arrived home, however, there seemed to be some sort of storm brewing around the place. Things were thrown haphazardly around the outside of the home, and he could hear a horrible ruckus coming from inside the place, like someone was screaming and throwing pots and pans around.

Micah cautiously opened the front door to peek around the corner. As he did a glass dinner plate whizzed past his head and crashed against the wall behind him. He was thanking his lucky stars that it hadn’t hit him when two more came following right behind, both barely missing him again. He threw up his hands in surrender shouting, “Please no more. I give up. Let me in so we can talk about what’s got you all riled up.”

“I don’t want to talk to you; you are upsetting me.”

“What have I done? I haven’t been here all morning.”

“Exactly! You haven’t been here all morning. You got it on the first guess.”

Certainly she could not be this upset over him being gone for one morning. It was their first morning together, but she had been abundantly clear that she had no intention of being his bride. Why then would she be so upset if he went about his business as if he were a single man. If she was this emotional about him being gone for a couple of hours, he was sure he did not want to be tied down to her for the rest of his life.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what’s going on here.”

“Just like all men. You never will get what’s going on, but maybe you will get this, I am moving on!”

“Let’s slow down a minute and talk. Maybe you can give me a few details about why you’re so upset.”

“I would be glad to, dear. While you were out and about this morning,” she spoke in a very sarcastic tone, “my good friend, Mr. Gantry from the bank, stopped by.”

“Really? I’m sorry I missed him.”

“Oh yes, I’m sorry too. He let me know they had ‘Expedited’ my foreclosure, and I needed to be gone from this property before sun down. I can’t help but think that if you had gone to the bank before you went sightseeing this would not have happened.” She shouted this last part as she hurled a coffee cup toward Micah, forcing him to duck behind the door. It smashed into little bits that scattered at his feet.

The vein in his neck had reappeared and was beating furiously. He spoke in a low deliberate tone, “He did what?”

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