Mail-Order Husband:The Millionaire's Debt

By: Rebecca Tilley

“We have not broken the law!” Alvin chimed in.

“You have broken the law at every turn, Alvin. You have denied Ms. Haynes her full time to make full payment of her debt.”

The two men looked sheepishly at one another trying to come up with an answer that would satisfy Micah. It was in vain, however, because Micah would not be satisfied with any answer. He continued his tirade, “Did either of you gentlemen receive a letter informing this bank not to make any moves on the Haynes property because payment in full was on its way?”

“Yes,” they said in unison.

“Why did you disregard that letter?”

“It seemed like an attempt by Ms. Haynes to put off the foreclosure,” Mr. Gantry said.

“Well that letter was from me. I am a man of some means, and I am in love with Ms. Haynes. The fact that this bank has been involved in the mental torture of her over the past eight years makes my blood boil. You two gentlemen are the cause of my anger, and therefore, will receive the brunt of my wrath.” Until this point Micah had been speaking in a civilized tone with Mr. Gantry and Mr. Albertson, but his voice took on an angry edge as he continued. “I am a patient man, and have never been one for vengeance, but when it comes to those I care about I will not be lenient in the least. I would inflict bodily harm to you, but I don’t think that would change your ways, although, it would make me feel better. I think you two would be hurt far worse if I hit you in the pocketbook.”

The two men looked scared and curious at the same time. “What do you mean? We don’t have any of your money on deposit here.”

“According to my sources you received a substantial deposit here today around 12 o’clock.” The men went slack jawed. Micah was enjoying this moment; he had taken these boys by complete surprise. “It should have been a two million dollar deposit delivered by an armored stagecoach. Do you gentlemen receive that sort of cash on a regular basis, or does that ring a bell.”

The two men could not speak. They were horrified that they had disrespected the man that was now the bank’s single largest depositor. The smile on Micah’s face was growing wider by the second and he was not about to let Alvin and Lonny off the hook. “I have here,” he produced a paper from his pocket, “a signed receipt with two signatures on it. One appears to say Alvin Albertson and the other is a little smudged, but is that Lonny Gantry?” He dangled the paper in front of their reddening faces. Their eyes danced around as they tried to read the two names. They knew, however, that the marks were their own. It had not been two hours earlier that they had received the cash and placed it in their vault.

“I also received word from the foreman of the delivery team that he personally handed a note to Mr. Gantry along with the deposit. Did you see this note Lonny?”

Lonny nodded his head yes. He pulled from his jacket pocket an unopened envelope. Micah shook his head in disgust. “In all the excitement of the moment I forgot about the note.”

“Please open it and read what it says.”

Lonny carefully opened the envelope, unfolded the paper, and read, “Dear Sir, please deduct all necessary cash from my deposit to cover any and all debts owed by the Haynes farm. I appreciate your quick action, and will be by at my convenience to pick up the deed.” The note slipped from Mr. Gantry’s trembling fingers.

Micah’s eyes narrowed. “And to think, I thought you fellas’ just had a devil-may-care attitude, but it turns out you run a shoddy operation. I have a mind to call back the armored coach and withdraw every last cent I put into this place.”

Mr. Albertson found his courage as he was faced with losing the two million dollar deposit. “No. Please sir, what can we do to keep your business?”

“Now that is caring for the customer, Alvin. If only you gentlemen would care that much for all of your customers, I would not have had to come down here in such an unpleasant mood this afternoon. I will tell you what you can do for me.” The men leaned forward in anticipation. “You can give me the deed to Ms. Haynes’ property.”

“Certainly,” Mr. Gantry reached into his pocket and produced the document.

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