A Secret Proposal Part 1

By: Alexia Praks

Why did I run away from them?

Sakura felt her heart thumping furiously within her chest. The reason? Because she loved them too much. Because she didn’t want to hurt any of them. She’d known by choosing one, she would surely hurt the other. Then there was also the fact that she didn’t want to cause conflict within the family, especially where Alaina and Daddy James was concerned.

It had been obvious that Alaina and Tara had never liked her and had done whatever they could to get rid of her from the family. She knew Daddy James loved her, but Sakura didn’t want to be the one responsible for the rift between Daddy James and Alaina. With Sakura out of the picture, the family could live peacefully—that much Sakura knew—hence, she had left.

Then there was also the fact that Sakura herself had wanted to live her own life and find her mother. Those alone were reasons enough for her to leave the Princeton family. She’d known it was heartless of her to leave them without saying a word, but she also knew they wouldn’t let her leave just like that if she’d told them.

Subconsciously, she touched the Sakura pendant on her necklace, caressing the pink gem.

Sakura, you’ve done the right thing, the little voice at the back of her head said.

With a nod of agreement, she picked up the brush and continued with her painting. She worked long and hard, only eating snacks when she was hungry. By midnight, she was finally finished. Yes, she thought, standing back and gazing at her masterpiece. She had done it. The painting of the Sakura tree was finished. Tears burned in her eyes as she gazed at her new baby.

“You’re going to be mine forever,” she murmured under her breath softly, lovingly. No one was going to steal this baby from her. That she’d make sure of.

Once her satiety for the painting was fulfilled, she moved forward and scribbled her initials, S.T., on the bottom right-hand side of the canvas.

“You’re really done now,” she said, satisfied with her initials claiming the painting. Then just to see what it’d look like on a wall, she lifted the canvas and took it into the gallery at the front of the building.

“Where should I put you?” she asked herself a moment later, looking around with interest. “Ah!” She rushed over to the featured wall near the front of the counter where anyone who walked in would immediately see. There she held it up and cocked her head to one side as she examined it with an artistic eye.

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t quite see properly due to the fact that she was alone and couldn’t possibly walk back to stand at a distance to inspect the painting. There was also the fact that her arms were quite short, and hence, she couldn’t stand back to take a proper look either. Then she wondered if she should drill some holes in the wall and hang the painting just so she could take a good look at it. But it was getting rather late. She was tired, and she had to get up early the next day for the fashion event.

“Tomorrow morning,” she said to herself. “I’ll do it tomorrow morning.” She’d rise early and put it up just so she could see what it really looked like. With that, she laid the painting on the floor, letting it rest against the wall. Then she rushed up the stairs, showered, and went to bed.

* * * * *


Darcy found himself once again at St. Helena beach, surfing the big waves. But instead of surfing with his brothers, he was alone, all by himself, surfing but not surfing, and neither was he enjoying himself like he used to. There was something missing. It was as if he were a body without a soul, as if he were breathing but not really breathing, as if his heart kept beating but not really beating.

In the distance, he could see a storm brewing that looked as though it were heading straight toward him. Then he saw the waves—enormous waves—looming over him and then crashing down on him. He fought the current, fought so hard, fought until he was exhausted. Once he managed to reach the surface, he looked around, alone in the vast ocean.

Oh God! The ache within his heart. Why?

Then the scream penetrated his mind—loud, long, and echoing with agony and death. He saw her body falling and falling and falling and then… Splash!

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