All Work and No Play

By: Coleen Kwan

Giles’s lips quirked in a brief smile, but it was enough to send a tremor through her.

“I’m glad you’re finally appreciating me.”

There was no way she could miss the glint in his eyes or the sudden awareness pulsing between them. It had always been there, she acknowledged, that arc of sexual consciousness sparking between her and Giles. She’d managed to ignore it, suppress it, until now.

“You have your uses,” she quickly replied, eager to return to their former footing before he’d followed her into the stationery closet.

His smile widened. “You must be feeling better, since you’re back to putting me down.”

Goodness, if she allowed herself, she could really melt under that mega-watt, roguish grin of his. Get a grip, Reynolds.

She cleared her throat. “We should go back to work.”

“Why, certainly.” He turned with a flourish and opened the door. At least, he tried to, but the door remained shut.

Anna groaned. “I just remembered. The lock needs to be pressed down otherwise the door doesn’t open from the inside. I forgot to do that when I ran in here.” Because she’d been in such a state. “We’re locked in.”

Giles banged on the door, but no one came. The stationery closet was tucked out of the way, and this side of the office was empty.

“No one’s going to hear us unless they’re coming to get stationery,” Anna said as Giles continued to hammer on the door. “Do you have a phone?”

He shook his head. “Left it on my desk. You?”

“Same.” She ran her hands over her face as she let out a deep groan of frustration. “This gets better and better, huh? I have God knows how many of Oscar’s programs to fix up, and I’m stuck in a bloody stationery closet!”

“It could be worse.”


“You could be stuck here on your own.”

“If I was here on my own and you were out there, then you would hear me pounding on the door and let me out,” she pointed out.


“I don’t suppose you’re the MacGyver type? You know, you could get us out of here by just using a paper clip and hole punch?”

“Sorry, no. I’m not a boy scout. I’m just a nerdy geek.”

Anna couldn’t help snorting. “I hate to tell you this, but nerdy geeks don’t look like you.”

Interest glimmered in his eyes. “They don’t?”

“Nope. You look more like a fashion model for Burberry than a geek.”

That lethal smile flashed at her again. “Sorry to disappoint you,” he murmured in a way that told her he wasn’t disappointed at all.

Warmth rose in her as she realised what she’d said. “You have to excuse me.” She waved a hand, trying to appear offhand. “I’m not myself at the moment.”

Giles leaned back against the door and trailed his gaze over her. “You shouldn’t be yourself more often, then.”

She really had to get a grip on this conversation. “You’re not flirting with me, are you, Giles?”

Folding his arms, he didn’t seem at all ruffled by her directness. “What do you want me to say to that?”

“I want you to say no, of course.”

“Do you?”

That awareness between them flared higher this time, and her heart began to thud loudly. It was no use lying. She couldn’t hide her attraction to him, and Giles knew that, damn him.

Huffing in frustration, she turned sideways, unwilling to have those clever blue eyes trained on her, winkling out her secrets.

“This is a disaster,” she muttered to herself.

“Is it?” He moved closer, and the closet felt way too small and intimate.

She flashed a grimace at him. “I don’t get involved with people at work,” she retorted, desperate to maintain some kind of barrier between them.

“Neither do I,” he replied, “but then, I’ve never been tempted at work. Until now.”

Anna sucked in a breath. Oh boy. So he was tempted. By her. That made her dizzy, but why? She was used to male admiration. It didn’t get her all hot and bothered. But this time was different.

She kept her gaze fixed on the reams of paper on the shelf before her. “You should un-tempt yourself then, because I don’t need to tell you how bad it would be for my career if I...if we...” She shrugged impatiently. “Oh, you know what I mean!”

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