Alone:A Zombie Novel

By: Kate L. Mary


I don’t want to mislead anyone, especially not fans of the Broken World series, so I’ll be as upfront as possible. Alone is a dark young adult novel that, while set in the same zombie world, has a plot centered around romance. While I know this genre isn’t going to appeal to every fan of the Broken World series, I hope most of you will power through the romance so you can get to the world I’ve built. I’ve worked hard to create something that should raise a few red flags for readers, as well as make you question what the future has in store for our characters. In Alone, only two years have passed since the virus was first released, and the country is still in shock, but they’re trying to overcome. Some people are working to start over, while others are grabbing for power, and there’s a lot in this novel that will lead into the next few zombie books I plan to put out.

With that said, let me give you a little background about the writing of this book. Alone was the fifth or sixth book I wrote, I can’t remember exactly what order I wrote them in, and the first one I’ve taken the time to revise. (The others are still floating in the cloud, waiting for me to get to them.) I wrote this one sometime in 2013, during my early days of writing. It was after Broken World, but did not follow the same zombie outbreak. At the time, I was still living in California and still trying to find an agent—or get a book deal—and the idea of self-publishing was just a glimmer in my mind. I actually got the idea for this book from my husband. He had a dream that resembled the end of this novel—I won’t spoil it for anyone who decides to actually take the time to read this foreword—and he shared the idea with me.

With the success of the Broken World series, I decided this story needed some changes. First, the zombie outbreak had to match the one I’d created in Broken World. I originally wrote this story to have zombies who were still alive—kind of like 28 Days Later—but I was afraid that having two zombie novels with two different types of outbreaks would be confusing for readers. (Plus, I loved the idea of exploring how the world had evolved two years down the road.) The second thing that needed to change was the title. I’d never been a fan of the original, but at the time it was all I could think of. Since I’m notoriously bad with titles, it took me a while to figure out what to call this story, but as I thought about the characters and where they were in their lives, the word alone stuck out. Now, after having read the story through with that title in mind, I know I made the right choice.

I love this story. Even if it doesn’t do as well as Broken World has, and even if fans are disappointed, I’m glad I took the time to revise it. It has an innocence to it that the other series doesn’t have, but it will also give readers a peak at just how dark the world is becoming. I hope people read it. I want them to. But, if you choose to walk away because I haven’t continued the tales of Axl and Vivian, I’m okay with that too. After all, I decided a long time ago that I was going to write the stories I wanted to write, and not worry about who read them.

I will say, however, that if you do choose to read this book, you may be pleasantly surprised by who pops up in the story.

Kate L. Mary

Chapter One

New Beginning

Before the world ended, I was a normal girl who lived a normal life, just like most people in this country. I went to school, trying as hard as I could to blend in while simultaneously dreaming about the day I would stand out. I had hopes and dreams that seemed reachable, and a future that hadn’t been written yet. The world was my oyster.

At least that’s what I thought.

Now when I look back on it all, the memories from before are hazy. Like a dream I can only remember bits and pieces of after waking up to reality. The faces of the people I knew have slowly started to fade away, and the blurrier they get, the grayer my future becomes. Lately, it’s felt like I’m living under a storm cloud, just waiting for it to open up and rain down on me. My only hope is that this move doesn’t cause the cloud that’s been hanging over me to finally open up, because I’m not sure I would survive the storm.

The car that has been my prison for the last nine hours slows, jolting me from my thoughts, and I look up just as the father I barely knew two years ago stops in front of a gated community. Our new home.

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