Alphas & Millionaires Starter Set

By: Brooke Cumberland

His gentle caress continues as his brows rise. “Better?”

I smile and nod. “Yes, I think so.” I’m still trying to focus on my breathing, but with his body so close to mine, I can hardly focus on anything except envisioning what his lips would feel like pressed against mine. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiles. He reaches his hand out and waits until I place mine in it. “Do you know your triggers?” He pulls me up so we’re both standing again.

I want to ask why he cares so much, why he’s taking such an interest, but I don’t. That’d be rude, so I respond, “Yes, I have a list,” I say softly. “I’m quite aware of them.” My cheeks heat at the embarrassment of having another episode in front of him.

“Are they avoidable?” He opens the other door for me and waits until I pass through. “I mean, is there a way to bypass the triggers?”

This heavy conversation is making my head spin, so I decide to lighten it up and get the thoughts out of my mind. “Why do you think I come to art class twice a week?” I turn my head and smile back at him but quickly face forward again. The last thing I need to do is run into a wall or something.

That’d be the icing on the freaking cake.

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