Alphas & Millionaires Starter Set

By: Brooke Cumberland

Dammit, Molly.

“That’s a shame, Miss—err, Molly. I was really hoping to catch up.” He smiled, leaning closer to me than was necessary. I felt my palms getting sweaty against the island.

It really was a shame. Damn, he’s hot. No—hot wasn’t even a strong enough word for what he is. Mesmerizing…yes, that’s it.

“Catch up?” I asked, puzzled. “You have no idea who I am, and I have no idea who you are. Perhaps we should know each other first before we catch up?”

“On the contrary. I know a great deal about you.”

“And what is that, Mr. Stagliano? You know my academic standing? I’m sure you play some part in who gets to intern in your five-star restaurant after all,” I fired back in a snotty tone. I did not appreciate a virtual stranger thinking he knew who I was based on my GPA.

He smiled as if he knew I was on to him. “You would be right, Molly. But I also do an extensive background check, call references, and go all the way to your high school records.”

Well, if that wasn’t creepy.

“So then you knew I wasn’t married?” I managed to ask, wedging out of his trap. His body was intoxicating me, and I could feel my heart racing as he inched closer into me.

He laughed, amused by my speculation. “You would be right. I needed an opening,” he admitted.

“What ever happened to hello my name is…?” I questioned, getting another glass of wine.

“That’s too predictable. I like to stand out.”

Oh, trust me Drake, you stand out.

“Well, you do stand out in my kitchen…” I stopped as I realized Stella was sluggishly walking in the, room, rubbing one of her eyes.

“What is it, sweetheart?” I asked as I knelt in front of her.

“I’m thirsty,” she mumbled as she rubbed the other eye, slowly tilting her head all the way up to see the strange man standing in her kitchen.

“Okay, baby. I’ll get you some water.” I filled her cup and led her back to bed. I was sure Drake was not expecting that.

Well, maybe he knew with all the background crap, but still, he was probably surprised.

I walked back expecting Drake to have bailed, but astonishingly he was pouring himself another glass, waiting patiently for my return. I smiled and downed the rest of my wine.

“She’s adorable.” He beamed. “Looks just like you.”

“The love of my life,” I said with pride. I hadn’t thought of introducing Stella to another man before. I had been so focused on school and raising her, it had never even crossed my mind.

“Well, Molly,” he said, dragging out each syllable of my name. “It was a delight to see you and Miss Stella. I shall leave you to the rest of your night.” He gently grabbed my hand, closed his eyes, and kissed gently down on my right hand. My whole body quivered as his lips gracefully touched my skin.

He swallowed the rest of his wine down and escorted himself to the door. “Have a lovely evening,” I said as I followed, waiting for him to leave. He nodded and out he went. Have a lovely evening? He was definitely causing sudden brain damage.


The next morning, I help Stella get ready for school and asked Michael to drop her off at school. It was only my second day of interning, and I decided to take a little more time getting myself ready. Another look in the mirror and I was finally pleased with my appearance. If Drake traps me in the freezer again, at least I will look good when I tell him to fuck off.

Or to take me right then and there.

Still flustered with him showing up at my apartment last night for no real reason, I was determined to get some answers today. What does he want and why me? I’m not particularly special in any way. In fact, I still have stretch marks proving I carried a child for nine months. However, I was not ashamed of my appearance. With my long, naturally wavy brown hair and brown eyes, I was the spitting image of my mother, with a petite five-feet-four inch frame.

Still unsure of my feelings regarding his intrusion, I argued with myself the entire way to class. I was positive he would use me for a catch-and-release game, but part of me hoped he was genuine. Drake was the first man I’ve felt anything for since Liam. I sounded crazy. I’d just met him, but somehow it felt different. He was different. Part of me wanted to run and push him away, but the other part urged me to go along with it.

Mr. Cooper had us working in groups today. He made it fun by allowing us to compete. It was a way to allow us to feel comfortable in the kitchen and to interact with our peers. I wasn’t the competing type, but I was grouped with one other woman and three men, so it would be fun to show off my skills.

“Oh geez, excuse me!” I squealed as I felt a hand brush down my back. I was smacked against a hard chest trying to keep my stance.

“No problem,” he grinned, as I stood there looking like an idiot. I quickly backed up, nodding my apologies and continued walking toward the counter. Ugh, I need to watch where I’m going.

“Brad. My name is Brad. It’s nice to meet you,” he greeted, catching up to me with his hand out.

“Molly. Nice to meet you Brad,” I responded shyly. I couldn’t look him in the eyes considering my breasts were just smashed up against him. He was in my group after all, but we hadn’t even exchanged names.

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