Antonio, Her Italian Millionaire (BWWM Romance Book 1)

By: J A Fielding

“What?” he asked.

“This other bidder,” she said. “I want to meet him. I want to look into his eyes when I ask him why he is hell bent on taking my father’s dream from me.”

“Are you sure about this?” Ray asked and she nodded, as if he could see her.

“Just make it happen,” she said dismissively. “Who is he anyway?”

“I am not very sure. I have been talking to some guy called Matteo but I have been made to understand that he is a business manager. He has been working on behalf of someone else all this time,” Ray explained and Zianna nodded again before sipping on her wine again.

“Well, tell this Matteo person that I want to talk to whoever he works for,” she said and Ray let out a defeated sigh.

“Sure. I’ll make it happen.”

“Thanks.” She hung up and took another long sip of her wine as she contemplated calling her banker.

Chapter 3

Judging by how the bidding process had gone, Zianna did not expect Ray to make contact with the other bidder so fast. All she knew was that it was probably going to be harder than anything she had ever tried. But for some reason, Ray managed to make contact in a day. Heck, hours even. But she did not know what was going to happen once she met this mystery man who had given her so much grief over the last few weeks.

So, when she got the call that the bidder was a frequent customer in one of the well-known Italian restaurants around town, she did not hesitate to go and meet him. She threw on a coral top and put on a pair of jeans before she held her curly hair in a bun. She then grabbed her keys and purse before she made her way out to the driveway. It was freezing outside but for some reason, she was not putting on her coat. She got into her car and took a long deep breath before she started the engine.

She stretched her hand to her purse that she had thrown on the passenger seat, feeling the loaded Glock 42 inside. She knew it was a bad idea to carry a concealed weapon to a meeting that would probably end up with her being booked for homicide but she didn’t really care. If there was one thing she had learned from the life she had lived in Edgewood, it was that protecting yourself was never really a crime. And considering who her competitor was, she knew she had to protect herself from someone who was so hell bent on acquiring a property in such a bad part of town like Edgewood.

She took a long deep breath as she began driving away. A million thoughts were going through her mind, flooding her brain…she was trying to figure out what she was supposed to do next, what she was supposed to say once she finally sat down and looked at her competitor.

“Maybe this was not such a good idea,” she thought as she made her way down the street. “Maybe I should just give up and forget about everything. Maybe Lucas, Ray…maybe they are all right.”

By the time she got to Fabio’s Kitchen, her heart was racing. She pulled up in the parking lot and bit her lower lip before she got out and put her jacket on. She could feel her heart beating harder and faster as she made her way into the restaurant. She was not sure if it was because she was nervous about meeting the other bidder or simply sheer anger. When she sat down at the table, she took off her jacket and looked around.

“What do you eat at a place that only makes soul food?” she wondered just as a waiter walked up to where she was.

“Welcome to Fabio’s Kitchen. But you are a little early for lunch,” the waiter said, smiling and she shrugged.

“It’s okay. I’ll just have a coffee and…” her voice trailed off as she looked at the menu. “How about a slice of sweet potato pie.”

“And they said no one would ever come in for the dessert menu,” the waiter said, smiling.

“I know this place is quite well known for its food but surely, it must serve some pretty good desserts too, right?” she asked as she handed the menu to the waiter.

“Well, let’s just say that the chef was not all that keen with dessert when he first started out,” he said before walking away allowing her to finally wipe the fake smile she had off her face. She did not know why but for some reason, she was a little more nervous than she'd expected to be.

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