Antonio, Her Italian Millionaire (BWWM Romance Book 1)

By: J A Fielding

Lucas raised an eyebrow over the other.

“No one would think that of you. Besides, you already live on the other side of town so, there’s that,” he said and Zianna smiled.

“Just how long have you been sitting on that?” she asked and he shrugged.

“I won’t lie. It was like a severance check burning a hole in my pocket,” he said, smiling. “There is no way I was going to let this chance pass me by.”

She forced out a laugh.


She looked at her phone and took a long deep breath.

“Damn it,” she said. “I didn’t realize time had flown by this much.”

“In a rush?” Lucas asked and she nodded.

“Yeah, I wanted to stop by the other shops and grocery stores before I went back home.”

“Go ahead. I’ve got this handled here.”

She smiled and picked up her purse before she got up.

“Anything you need me to bring back?” she asked.

“We’re fine here but I would really feel better if you had that car serviced. It might look good but you have to treat it well if you want it to live out the lease.”

“I was talking about the store.”

He nodded.

“I know that but I said it anyway and if anything comes up here, I will definitely let you know.”

He smiled at her as she leaned in for a quick kiss on the cheek.

“The SUV is fine. I just got it,” she said.

“Yes, and not from a licensed dealer.”

She shrugged.

“Yeah, I got it from a broke college kid and got a really good deal.”

“And that is one of the reasons you should get it serviced. Regularly. You never know what that kid did to that vehicle.”

She smiled at him and then forced out a laugh.

“You worry too much. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said and walked out of the shop.

When she got inside her car, she looked around and sighed. The old neighborhood had definitely changed. A lot. There used to be kids running up and down the street, riding their bikes and being happy but things were so different now than they were back when she was a kid. It was no longer the beautiful, happy neighborhood she knew. It had changed. Heck, everything had changed. The streets were meaner, the crimes were more violent and the moral deterioration had sky rocketed. She hated that as she stood there looking around, all she could see was signs of drug use. She secured her seatbelt and sighed again. She knew at the back of her mind that Lucas may have been right. About everything. For all she cared, he was the voice of her late father. But she really did believe in the fact that she could turn the neighborhood around. After all, what was that famous statement that motivational speakers always said?

“The change you want begins with you, right,” she thought as she started the ignition.

As she drove down the street, she hated that she had not told Lucas about a building down the block that she’d had her eye on for a long time. Considering how adamant he was about her doing the right thing for her father and leave the old neighborhood, she knew that he was never going to be alright with the fact that she had just put in a bid for the old building.

An old building that was regarded to as a crack house because it had once housed more than the neighborhood’s fair share of junkies. And maybe it still did.

She slowed down as she approached the building and a smile played on her lips. There was something about it that just made her feel hopeful about the whole neighborhood. It was one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood. It might have needed some work. Maybe a thorough paint job and some repairs here and there but at the back of her mind she knew that it was all worth it.

She had just driven away from the building when her phone rang. She put her earpiece in and answered the call.

“Zianna Webster.”

“Zianna, hey. It’s Ray Phillips.”

She smiled. She could not help but feel that her realtor was calling to give her good news.

“Hey Ray. Good news for me?” she asked.

“Unfortunately Zianna, no,” he said. “There’s been another offer put in for the property.”

“You mean the property in Edgewood? Are you serious?”

She knew the agitation in her voice was apparent.

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