Antonio, Her Italian Millionaire (BWWM Romance Book 1)

By: J A Fielding

“Should I have one of the drivers take you?” he asked and she shook her head.

“No. They only ever slow me down. I’ll take an Uber instead,” she said as she pushed her hair from her face. “I should be home in a couple of hours.”

Antonio nodded.

“Be careful,” he said as she began walking outside.

He was not so sure why he was so comfortable with her strutting herself in that super tight short bandage dress. Hell, she might have been naked and he probably wouldn’t have cared. The only part about her he gave a damn about was late at night when she was in his bed. When he got to use her as he willed. Do things to her that some working girls wouldn’t even be okay with. That was what mattered to him. Besides, he was kind of tired of seeing failed relationships in his family. It was like the in-thing. To have a wife and a mistress. So, as much as his family insisted on him getting married, he kept on insisting he would know when to get married when he saw the right woman.

He had just taken another sip of his wine when Matteo, his business manager walked in.

“I was beginning to give up on seeing you here today,” he said as Matteo sat down.

“It has been a longer day than I care to talk about,” he said sighing loudly. “The property in Edgewood.”

Antonio shrugged.

“Yeah. What about it?”

“There are two offers on the table and until a few hours ago, you had the higher hand.”

“I had the higher hand?” Antonio asked. “This other person who wants the place raised her bid?”

Matteo nodded.

“The price is now up by five.”

Antonio smiled.

“Just five?” he asked and Matteo gave him a confused look.

“Why do you look like this is all amusing?” he asked and Antonio rubbed his hands together.

“This other person I am up against will fold. Just raise the figure by ten thousand and if this other buyer tries to match it, then you do the same. Keep raising the price until they fold.”

Matteo shook his head.

“What makes you so sure they’ll fold?” he asked and Antonio shrugged again.

“This is not the first property I am looking to acquire, Matteo. You know this about me and if you are in a bidding war with someone who really wants to get the property from right under your nose, they usually hike the price significantly. Say ten or twenty grand.”

He leaned back and took another sip of his wine.

“So you want me to raise your bid?” he asked and Antonio nodded.

“Raise it again. I want that building block and without that building, I will not get to have what I want.”

“I still don’t get why you want a block in Edgewood, Mr. Ricci. There are many more promising neighborhoods in the city.”

“Well, I want this one. I think it is about time I did something for me.”

“You are leaving the family?” Matteo asked and Antonio shook his head.

“You can never really leave the family but I think it is time for me to just settle into a simpler, quiet lifestyle.” He took another sip and sighed. “Just do what you need to do to get that building.”

Chapter 2

“Granola…muesli,” Zianna thought as she looked at the two boxes of cereal. “Sugar Pops are also a great choice but hey, lady, you are supposed to be watching your weight,” she thought again. She sighed loudly and closed the cupboard door before she walked to the fridge. She took the eggs out and walked to the stove, hating herself for not wanting to eat healthy even though she had been struggling lately.

But who could blame her for wanting to binge a little? This whole building acquisition was stressing her out. She had hiked her price twice since the last time she spoke to her realtor and somehow, the person who was keen on getting that building kept raising the price. Her cut off price was a hundred and forty. If she offered a figure any higher then she would be eating into the fund she had allocated for the remodel and then that would have been the end of her dream. Her dream of renovating the building. Her dream of doing the one thing she wanted to do to honor her father.

She cracked two eggs into a bowl and used a whisk to beat them before she chopped some onion and pepper. She had just put the pan on the stove when she heard the doorbell ring with a resounding dong. The loud noise interrupting the tranquil morning. She switched off the flame and made her way to the front door.

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