Antonio, Her Italian Millionaire (BWWM Romance Book 1)

By: J A Fielding

“Ray,” she said in surprise when she opened the door. “What are you doing here…I mean, come in.”

She stepped aside allowing him to walk in.

“I’m sorry. I was not expecting you,” she said as she led him to the kitchen.

“I know…I’m sorry. But I have been trying to call you,” Ray started. “I just can’t seem to get through.”

She sighed.

“My battery must have died or something,” she said. “But on the bright side, you are just in time. I was making breakfast. Scrambled pepper omelet.”

“Well, given the news that I have, you are going to need to eat some more just to handle it,” Ray said as he sat down at the breakfast counter.

Zianna took a couple of more eggs and cracked them into the bowl before she began mixing them into the already beaten mixture.

“Give it to me,” she said as she switched on the stove once again.

“The other buyer raised his offer,” Ray said after taking a long breath.

Zianna poured some oil into the pan before she poured the egg into the pan. She took her time sprinkling the onion and pepper on the mixture before she began wrapping the egg around it.

“You know what, I was about to have some perfectly healthy medically recommended breakfast but after what you just said I am going to have bacon.” She walked to the fridge and came back holding a Tupperware container in her hand. “And not that bull shit turkey bacon either. I am frying up the real stuff.”

“Isn’t this some kind of overkill?” Ray asked and she rolled her eyes.

“The world owes me one right now,” she pointed out before putting a few slices of bacon on the side of the pan.

She then grabbed two plates and served the scrambled egg.

“Do you want some coffee or juice?” she asked and Ray shrugged.

“Considering this is my first call of the day, I think coffee sounds great for now.”

She nodded and got two cups from the dish rack before she got the coffee pot. She handed Ray a fork and then took a bite of her own eggs as she waited for the bacon.

“I like my bacon crispy. I hope that’s okay with you.”

“It’s perfect,” Ray said as he salted his eggs. “So, are we going to talk about this Edgewood property that you are so hell bent on getting or should I just go ahead and give you options?”

She shook her head.

“I don’t want another property. I want that one. That particular one.” She took another bite of her eggs and shook her head. “I would have gotten another one if I wanted. But this one is important to me. I can’t explain how important it is…”

“You don’t have to,” Ray said, cutting her short. “I know.”

She switched off the flame and served the bacon onto their plates before she walked around the counter to sit next to him.

“So, what’s the damage?” she asked after a long silence.

“A hundred and ten,” Ray said as he reached for his coffee.

“A hundred and freaking ten?” Zianna shook her head. “What the hell does this guy want with this place anyway? It’s Edgewood for God’s sake. It is literally the edge of a really long tunnel. A long, dark tunnel with no light at the end.”

“I know that I’ve said this before and you have turned me down over and over. But if you sink all the money into this acquisition, then you will literally be throwing your money away.”

She nodded.

“Because I will have no money to do the renovations,” she said in a defeated whisper.

She took another bite of her eggs and bit her lower lip.

“But I have told you this over and over, Ray. I need this building. Maybe more than I need air,” she said and he leaned forward, his cup in his hands.

He looked at her for a long minute before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Zianna, I know that by now I sound like a broken record but the truth is that with what you are planning to sink into this apartment complex, you can always get another place maybe even on this side of town. Something that doesn’t need so much work. Something that will get you a good return on your investment,” he explained.

“And don’t you think that I wouldn’t have simply gone ahead and done that already? I am not backing down from this one, Ray.” She took a bite of her crispy bacon and looked up at him. “And why does this other buyer seem so keen to get this building anyway? I mean, like you said, it is a piece of crap.”

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