Antonio, Her Italian Millionaire (BWWM Romance Book 1)

By: J A Fielding

“Always cooking,” he said as he gently hugged his grandmother from behind.

“Antonio!” his grandmother said, surprised. “What a beautiful surprise.”

“Nonna,” he said before he kissed her cheek. “Whatever that is, it smells great.”

“I am making a new pasta sauce. Trying to replicate something my own Nonna used to but I am not sure I am doing her justice.”

Antonio shrugged.

“Well, considering how much the aroma makes my mouth water, I think you are doing a fantastic job at it,” he said, smiling. “Here. These are for you.”

“Did you buy cannolis instead of me simply making you some?” she asked and Antonio smiled.

“Well, they are not just any cannolis. They are Fabio Medici’s,” he said, still smiling and his grandmother bit her lower lip.

“He is the only one who can make cannolis almost as good as mine.” She looked into his eyes and smiled cunningly. “I’ll hide this so that the men in this house don’t get a chance to gobble this up the way they do everything.”

He smiled and kissed her again.

“I have to go or they will gobble me up,” he said before he walked down the hall and into the den. But when he got to the door, he took his time and took a series of deep long breaths to calm himself down before he finally walked in.

“Tony,” his grandfather said when he walked in. “We were beginning to think you were not going to be present today.”

“I would never stand the family up, grandfather,” Antonio said as he walked up to the table and sat down. “I was late picking up something for Nonna.”

His grandfather, Giovanni smiled and then laughed.

“You spoil her.”

“I have to. She is the only Nonna I’ve got.”

“But you are not the only grandchild. Hell, her son doesn’t even spoil her as much as you do,” Giovanni said, looking at his son, Giovanni Junior.

“Papa, I’m right here. I can hear you,” Giovanni Junior said. “How are you doing son?” he asked, looking at Antonio.

“Good but honestly, I’ve been better,” Antonio started.

“Is this about Edgewood?” Giovanni Junior asked and Antonio nodded.

“There is this one building that is holding up the project,” he started. “It seems that someone else is keen on acquiring the property so I am in kind of a bidding war.”

Giovanni raised an eyebrow over the other.

“A bidding war?”

“Don’t we have enough money for this so called bidding war?” one of the other men seated at the table asked and Antonio sighed.

“We do but it is like some kind of dance with this other buyer.”

“So, you are just enjoying jerking this other person around?” Giovanni asked and Antonio shook his head.

“Not really. But I don’t want to put in an offer that will be too high…I am not trying to attract the wrong attention here or anything.”

Giovanni nodded.

“Yeah, we already have enough heat on the family as it is.”

Another man from the table shook his head.

“Still?” he asked and Giovanni Junior nodded.

“Unfortunately, we are still paying for the mistake Rossi made when he decided to make a quick deal with people we did not trust,” he explained. “He might be the one serving time but we are feeling the heat out here. That’s for sure.”

“How much longer are we going to be under the microscope?” Antonio asked and Giovanni shook his head.

“Who knows? But until we are sure what is going to happen, we have to simply make sure that the casino and clubs take off without a hitch,” he said. “So, right now, everything is tied up in that deal so make sure it goes through.”

“So, let’s just say there is no limit,” Giovanni Junior said. “Just make sure you get the property. Whatever it costs. The casino will more than make up for the difference if the bid goes too high.”

Antonio nodded.

“Alright. So, I take it the first casino is doing well?” he asked and his grandfather nodded.

“We have a lot of people thinking, why go all the way to Vegas while you can have the experience right here in Chicago?” Giovanni Junior said. “We should have probably ventured into casinos the very first time actually.”

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