Any Time, Any Place

By: Jennifer Probst

Sydney smiled as she thought of them now. Sure, they still ribbed one another like normal siblings, but there was a respect and love that hummed under the surface. They were finally healed and a real team. Over the past year, she’d watched both Caleb and Dalton fall in love with incredible women she now called friends. Morgan and Raven had become part of their family. This should have been one of the most satisfying times in her life.

If only she could stop thinking about Tristan.

The muffin incident was just one in a long stream of bad encounters. She tried to avoid him at all costs, hating the familiar sexual energy that surged between them and wrecked her concentration. They were barely able to have a polite exchange without one trying to attack the other. He refused to see her as a grown woman who’d made her own place in life. To him, she would always be the young girl he needed to guide and protect from the big bad world.

Even though in the end, he’d betrayed her.

She finished her wine, shaking her head to clear her thoughts. She’d just have to live with her lingering feelings. Keep avoiding him. Stick to business when they did converse. Be polite but distant. Eventually, she’d find a nice man to date and fall in love and leave Tristan Pierce behind for good.

Because he could never know.

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