Anyone U Want

By: Evangeline Anderson

(A Billionaire Scifi BBW Alien Spanking Romance)

Chapter One

“Five minutes until your meeting, Mr. Harris. The board is all assembled and waiting for you.” Holly Sparks nodded at the antique grandfather clock in the corner of her boss’s office which cost more than her car. A lot more. Grant Harris the Third was a meticulously punctual man and he hated to be late anywhere. Keeping him on time and up-to-date on the details of his many meetings was part of her job as his personal assistant.

“Very well, thank you, Miss Sparks.” Mr. Harris always spoke formally, his tone clipped and with a hint of a British accent. He stood up from behind the massive oak desk that had belonged to his grandfather and straightened his tie. “I’m ready. How do I look?”

Words rose to the tip of Holly’s tongue but she swallowed them down hastily. How did he look? In a word, luscious. Dark, dangerous, and delicious. Perfect. And completely unattainable.

At six-six he towered over her own five foot four frame, his expensively tailored suit emphasizing his broad shoulders. His wavy, blackish-brown hair was cut short and he wore a neatly clipped mustache and goatee that framed a mouth which somehow managed to look sensuous and cruel at the same time. But it was his eyes that really commanded attention. A pale ice-blue, fringed thickly with black lashes, they always managed to make Holly feel like her boss could see right through her clothes.

Yeah, right. Like he would want to. But still, she couldn’t help fantasizing.

“Miss Sparks?” The frown on Mr. Harris’s face let her know she’d waited too long to answer his question. “Daydreaming again?” he asked, one corner of his sensuous mouth quirking up.

“Oh, uh, no. No, of course not, Mr. Harris. And you look very nice. Very…” Holly reached for an appropriate word. Hot. Tasty. Lickable. “Professional,” she said, giving him what she hoped was a business-like smile.

“Excellent. Just the look I was going for,” he said dryly. “So, if you’ll just hand me the briefing file I’ll be on my way.”

“Of course. I have it right…” Holly’s words trailed off as her reaching fingers encountered empty air. Where was the briefing file? A knot of panic twisted her stomach. This was a very important board meeting and it was vital that Mr. Harris had everything he needed at his fingertips. But though she could have sworn the file was just there a moment ago, now it was gone.

“Miss Sparks? The file?” Mr. Harris was frowning now, his handsome face like a thundercloud.

“I…I…it was just here.” Holly could feel her cheeks getting hot. Honestly this kind of thing never happened to her. She was usually so organized, so perfectly in sync with her boss’s needs that he joked she would hand him a glass of water before he even knew he was thirsty. What had happened to that file?

“So you lost the file. Is that what you’re telling me?” Mr. Harris took a step toward her, looming over her menacingly.

“I suppose so,” Holly faltered. “But if you’ll just give me a minute to look for it—”

“Oh, I’ll give you more than a minute. If we’re going to delay the board meeting it has to be for a good reason.” Harris’s deep voice was dangerously soft.

“Please…” Holly gasped but he was already calling the receptionist outside the board room on a holo-link. “Terri? Please inform the board members that we’re going to be a little delayed getting started today. I have some business to attend to in my office that can’t wait.”

“Yes, Mr. Harris.” The blonde head of the receptionist nodded and then popped out of existence as Harris canceled the link. Then he turned back to Holly. “I think, my dear, that it’s time for a little discipline.”

“Oh God, please…” Holly started backing away from him, her breath hitching in her throat. But despite the fear zinging through her veins there was another, stronger emotion filling her. Desire. It made her nipples into hard little points and her pussy was suddenly hot and wet and ready. Her eyes kept straying to her boss’s large, well-shaped hands. To feel his big hand connecting solidly with her tender bottom, to writhe and squirm in his lap as he held her down and punished her…even though she knew it was wrong…the very idea pushed all her buttons.

And Grant Harris knew it.

“Stop right there.” His tone was commanding and Holly froze in place, her sensible heels planted in the plush nap of the luxurious carpet that covered his office floor.

“Mr. Harris?” Her voice was high and uncertain and her heart was pounding like it was trying to get out of her chest.

Harris gave her a cruel smile. “Very good, Holly. I see you can still take direction.” He walked to the huge oak desk and patted the edge. “Now come here and lean over my desk. It’s time for your punishment.”

Biting her lower lip, Holly sidled toward the desk. But before she could lean over it as he had ordered, Harris bent down and murmured in her ear, “First lift your skirt.”

The heat between her legs went super nova and she was so wet she was afraid he would be able to tell if she raised her sensible black skirt. All she had on under it were a pair of little white panties and by now they would be almost see-through from her juices. What would she do if her boss found out how much his punishments turned her on?

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