Anyone U Want

By: Evangeline Anderson

The thought blew his mind. But no—it couldn't be true—could it?

Only one way to know for sure!

Glancing at the address on the brochure once more time, Grant headed out the door. He had to see if Holly was really doing what he thought she was doing.

The moon's red light district was garish at night. Blinking neon holo-signs vied for his attention, their glare lighting up the atmosphere dome high above. There were sex bots on every corner and crowds of men wandering from brothel to brothel, each with different "specialties" to offer. The air was hazy with smoke and the scent of sex and alcohol drifted from every open doorway.

The more he saw of it, the less Grant liked the idea of Holly being out here on her own. He knew she probably didn't realize it but she was much too pretty to be wandering around down here after dark. He had just about decided that he would have to confront her and take her back to the hotel in the interest of her own safety, when he reached the door of Anyone U Want Inc.

He was about to go inside and look for Holly when he saw his curvy little assistant exiting the long, low building, her auburn hair glowing in the neon light. Standing in the shadows as he was, he could tell she couldn't see him. Should he go get her at once? Or just follow her from a safe distance to make sure she reached the hotel with no problems? He hated to embarrass her and he was certain she would be mortified if he caught her coming out of the android place—especially if she really was ordering what he thought she was.

Grant was still debating when he saw Holly hail a hovercab. It whizzed to the corner and picked her up, then hummed silently away.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Well, that was one problem solved—she would be safe in the cab. Now he could do what he had come to do and check on her order. Pushing through the sliding plasti-glass doors, he went inside.

"Hello, welcome to Anyone U Want. How can I help fulfill your fantasy?" a bored looking girl behind the front desk asked him.

"Well, it's not my fantasy per se that I'm here about."

She frowned. "I'm sorry, sir, but we have a strict confidentiality policy. I can't possibly let you view the details of anyone else's fantasy."

"Are you sure about that? Couldn't you just…bend the rules a little?" Grant gave her his most charming smile and made a five hundred credit marker appear in one hand.

The girl's eyes widened. Labor on the moon was cheap—this was probably more money than she saw in a month.

"Well…" She licked her lips nervously and glanced from side to side, as though making sure no one was watching. "I guess I could make one tiny exception."

Grant drummed his fingers impatiently as she pulled up the file.

"Here you go," she said at last, handing him her headset. "It's already uploaded to the main database and they're working on the android."

Grant watched the fantasy play out on her light screen and felt his trousers getting tight again. He had to shift from foot to foot, trying to make more room for his cock as he saw the naughty things Holly had planned. As he had thought, the android she was paying to play with was going to look like him…and it would be programmed to act as a Dominate to her sweet submissive.

Never in a million years would Grant have dreamed that his mild-mannered, sweet-natured personal assistant had such dark desires locked behind her innocent blue eyes. And to have the nerve to make her dreams a reality—well, in a manner of speaking anyway—it was more than he’d had the guts to do. All this time he’d been telling himself she was off limits, that he had to leave her alone so he wouldn’t corrupt her with his deviant desires or scare her off completely and now…

Now I know she wants what I want, Grant thought suddenly. She wants to submit and be dominated.

And she would be too—by that damn android.

The idea of anyone else dominating Holly—even a soulless android—didn't sit well with Grant at all. He felt a possessive growl rise in his throat at the very thought. Holly was his, damn it! No one but he ought to be dominating her, pleasuring her, possessing her…

And no one's going to!

Suddenly, he had another idea. If Holly wanted her kinkiest fantasies fulfilled, then she was by-God going to get them fulfilled.

Giving the headset back to the girl behind the counter he made another credit marker appear—this one for a thousand.

"Tell me something," he said in a low voice. "How much would you charge to bend the rules just a little bit farther?"

The girl's eyes got even wider.

"What do you want me to do?"

"You don't have to do a thing," Grant assured her. "I'll take care of everything. Absolutely everything."

Chapter Five

Holly looked around surreptitiously before stepping through the sliding multicolored plasti-glass doors of Anyone U Want. She wanted to be sure no one she knew could see her. It was a ridiculous idea, of course. Everyone she knew was over two hundred thousand miles away on Earth. Still, she couldn’t help being nervous. The services that Anyone U Want provided were still new enough to be a grey area—both morally and legally. There were some who said the life-like androids should be outlawed and many, many others who thought anyone who used one was sick and depraved.

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