Anyone U Want

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Raise your skirt,” he said again, the menace back in his deep voice. “I’m warning you, Holly, either you raise your skirt and take your punishment like a good girl or I’ll raise it for you. And if I have to do it, you won’t be able to sit down for a month.”

Moaning softly, Holly bent over the desk and hitched her skirt up to her thighs.

“Higher,” Harris demanded. “You know what I want, Holly. Bare your ass for me now or face the consequences.”

Knowing better than to disobey him, Holly raised the skirt up over her hips and leaned over the wooden desk.

“Very nice,” her boss growled, reaching out to caress her shivering bottom with one large hand. “But I thought I told you to bare your ass. Take your panties off, Holly.”

“Please, no,” she pleaded frantically. If she took off her panties and he saw her pussy he would know beyond the shadow of a doubt how hot and bothered this little scenario was making her. Her cunt lips felt hot and swollen and her juices were already wetting the insides of her thighs. Holly was sure she would die of embarrassment if he saw her slick, hot pussy…if he knew how much she wanted him, how much she craved his punishment.

But Harris was relentless. “I said take off your panties, Holly,” he commanded in that soft, dangerous voice that made her so hot and wet. “Take off your panties and spread your legs. If you don’t I’ll be forced to—”

“Playing X-rated fantasies about your boss again?”

Holly nearly jumped out of her skin as the voice of Abby, her best friend and roommate, penetrated the fog of lust that had clouded her brain and popped her fantasy like a soap bubble. Damn it, why did Abby have to interrupt right as she was getting to the good part? The fantasy was so vivid Holly had almost been able to feel the heat of her boss’s hand on her ass and the cool wood of the desk under her fingertips. But the illusion was shattered now. Ripping the dream-viewer goggles off her face she turned to face her friend, trying to look innocent.

“Hey, you’re home early.” She shifted uneasily on the fake zebra skin couch she and Abby had bought together. Their living room was a mix of casual and funky—heavy on the funk, thanks to Abby. Holly hoped she wasn’t blushing too much—with her fair complexion every time she was embarrassed it really showed.

Abby grinned. “Meaning you thought you had at least another hour to play out your twisted little fantasy before I interrupted you?” Sighing, she sank down on the couch beside Holly. “Honestly, don’t you see enough of that man at work?”

“That’s none of your business,” Holly snapped. “And neither is what I have programmed on my dream-viewer. You’re so nosey, Abby. I bet you’d read someone else’s diary if they left it lying around too.”

“Yup. If there were any juicy parts.” Abby was completely unrepentant. “What I want to know is why you don’t just go for it. I mean, you’ve been working for the guy for two years now and neither one of you is getting any younger.”

“Thanks for reminding me.” Holly sighed. There was no point in getting mad at Abby—they’d been best friends since their first year in college and she wasn’t going to change now. “But there’s no way I can just ‘go for it,’ as you put it, with Grant Harris.”

“Why not?” Abby was chewing gum as always. She crossed her long legs and snapped a big pink bubble in Holly’s direction. “You said he wasn’t dating anyone else. And you know he’s not gay.”

“Why not?” Holly looked at her best friend in disbelief. Sometimes Abby could be so dense. “Several reasons, actually,” she said, counting them off on her fingers. “Number one, he’s my boss. I could and probably would get fired and then how would I pay my half of the rent? Number two, he’s gorgeous and I’m…not.”

Abby frowned. “Don’t put yourself down, Holly, you’re very pretty. I’ve always wished I could try my hair in your shade of red but there’s no way I could pull it off without your peaches and cream complexion to go with it.”

“It’s not my hair and skin I’m worried about,” Holly protested, putting a hand to her thick, curly auburn hair. “Although I do wish I didn’t have freckles on my nose.”

“The freckles are cute.” Abby snapped her gum annoyingly. “With those big dark blue eyes of yours they make you look like the girl next door.”

“A man like Grant Harris doesn’t date ‘the girl next door.’ He’s a freaking billionaire—he dates super models or whoever else he wants.”

“No, he doesn’t,” Abby objected. “You told me you haven’t seen him dating anyone since the first year you worked for him. As far as you can tell he’s completely unattached—why shouldn’t he give you a chance?”

“Because I’m not shaped like you.” Holly eyed her best friend with resigned envy. Abby was built like a whippet, all long, lean limbs and perky teacup breasts topped off with luscious blonde hair. Not that whippets had perky breasts and blonde hair but still, the point was Abby was thin and Holly…was not.

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