Anyone U Want

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Don’t start this again.” Abby sighed. “You’re thinner than you were in college, Holly and even back then you didn’t look bad. It’s all in your mind.”

Holly stood up and pointed to her ass. “Does this look like it’s all in my mind?”

Abby shrugged. “So you got a little junk in the trunk. So what?”

“So what? The point is no matter how much I diet and exercise, I’ll still have these hips and this ass to deal with.” Holly looked at her heart-shaped bottom sadly before sinking back down on the couch. She was a decent size up top with a nice C cup but from the moment puberty had struck at age twelve she’d had to deal with her oversized butt. The boys in high school had been merciless—some of the unkind names they called her still haunted Holly at night when she couldn’t sleep.

“Your ass isn’t that big—you’re just still stuck in high school,” Abby said, as though reading her mind. “And besides, some men like a little something to hold on to.”

“Not men who own controlling interest in the largest hovercar corporation in the world,” Holly said glumly. “Not men who can have their pick of any stick-thin skinny-minny they want.”

“Hey, I resent that.” Abby put a hand to her nonexistent hips. “I can’t help being skinny. In fact, I wish I wasn’t. I’d love to have your curves. I don’t know why you never notice it but there are guys checking you out when we go out together—plenty of them.”

“Yeah, right.” Holly sighed. “Forget it, Abby, it’s never gonna happen.”

“Never say never.” Abby grinned. “What if you somehow found out that Mr. Boss Man was into plus sized posteriors and didn’t mind dating the help. Then what?”

“Um…” Holly could feel her cheeks heating again. “I still don’t think it would happen.” She didn’t want to say why but it was clear that Abby had guessed the third and final reason she and her boss were never going to get together outside of a dream-viewer.

“You think he’s not into that freaky shit you program into your viewer?” Abby smiled not unkindly. “That’s it, isn’t it?”

“I swear to God, Abby. Nothing is sacred with you, is it?” Holly frowned but her best friend just grinned and blew another juicy pink bubble.

“I’m right, aren’t I?”

Holly sighed, defeated. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Well that’s crap,” Abby announced. “You never know unless you try. If he’s as big a control freak as you say, I bet he’d get off on all that dominance and submission stuff.”

“Abby, please! That’s completely out of the question.” Holly felt like her whole body was blushing. There was no way she was going to approach her handsome, unobtainable boss and ask if he wanted to dominate her. In fact, the very idea of him finding out that she craved punishment from him was enough to make her feel slightly ill with embarrassment.

Abby grinned unrepentantly. “Suit yourself but I think you’re passing up a golden opportunity. There must be some way you could let him know. Bring that dream-viewer to work and leave it on your desk come lunch time. If he’s half as nosey as me he’ll take a peek and before you know it he’ll be calling you into his office and bending you over his knee.”

“Don’t even talk about that.” Holly felt a flutter of pure panic at the very idea. If Grant Harris the Third ever, ever got even an inkling of the kind of sex she craved, let alone found out that she programmed her dream viewer with sick, naughty fantasies of him spanking her into submission she would absolutely die.

Abby looked bored. “Fine. We can discuss the juicy details of your real sex life instead. Oh wait—you don’t have one because you’re too in love with your boss to go out with the guys I set you up with.”

Holly’s hand tightened on the expensive dream-viewer headset. “It’s not that I don’t want to go—I just don’t have time right now, Abby. I’m always away on business trips and I work nights and weekends half the time too.”

“Only because you want to be near your precious boss,” Abby accused. “Hell, if he decided to become a vampire and told you he was going to conduct business from midnight to dawn you wouldn’t bat an eye. You can’t even promise to spend Christmas with your family because he might want you to go somewhere.”

Holly shifted uncomfortably. This had been a sore spot with her mom—leave it to Abby to bring it up. “It’s just that Grant said we might go on a business trip around that time and I don’t like to promise if I’m not sure I can keep my word.”

“So now it’s ‘Grant’ is it? Only I bet you never call him that at work. Anymore than he calls you Holly.” Abby frowned.

“Well, no…but we have a formal relationship. There’s a line we never really cross. Not that I don’t want to but I can’t.” Holly felt frustrated, trying to explain. How could she make Abby see? Her friend was so blunt and straight-forward, there was no way she would get Mr. Harris’s dry sense of humor. How could Holly explain the witty, acerbic little asides he murmured to her in the middle of boring business meetings when she was supposed to be taking notes for him? Or the way he looked at her sometimes with those piercing blue eyes as though he was trying to see her very soul?

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