Anyone U Want

By: Evangeline Anderson

On top of being a perfect ten, his prospective date had a pedigree as long as his arm—something that would surely please his family—not that Grant really cared. Being a debutant and having a blood line you could trace back to Plymouth Rock didn’t automatically make a woman sexy or interesting or fun to be with. But the dating service had sent her so he felt it was his duty to at least try. Holly had only been working for him for about six months at that time and he hadn’t yet realized his feelings for her so he’d had his date meet him at the office.

As he showed the tall blonde around, Grant had made a joke—he couldn’t even remember what it was now—he was just trying to lighten the mood and get the date off to a good start. He would never forget the blank look on the stick-thin girl’s face. He wasn’t sure if she didn’t think the joke was funny or if it had gone totally over her head. But as they’d left his office, he’d heard Holly’s quiet, sexy little laugh. He’d turned back and raised an eyebrow at his assistant and she’d shrugged apologetically. “Sorry, I know that wasn’t meant for me, Mr. Harris. It just tickled my funny bone.”

At that moment it was as though he saw Holly—really saw her—for the first time. The date with the blonde debutant had tanked, of course but after that day he’d begun to pay more attention to his assistant. He asked about her life and started getting her opinion on certain decisions. What he learned astounded him. Holly had great business sense and a wonderful sense of humor. A sharp intelligence was hidden behind those innocent deep blue eyes and as he came to know her better, he realized that they had more in common than any of the women the dating agency sent over. Accordingly, he stopped his contract with them and just concentrated on getting to know his assistant. And over the last year and a half he had fallen for her completely.

So why wasn’t he with Holly right now? Why didn’t he have her sitting in his lap with her arms around his neck while he kissed her senseless instead of droning on and on about some boring business meeting he could conduct in his sleep?

It wasn’t because she was his assistant. There were ways to work around that and he didn’t give a damn what anyone thought even though he knew his father, Grant Harris the Second, would probably have an aneurysm if he knew Grant was dating “the help.” Holly came from a middle class background with a mixed heritage that would make his mother cringe. But again, Grant didn’t care.

And it wasn’t because Holly wasn’t the trophy wife he was expected to fall for. It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t tall and thin. He was tired of taking tanned skeletons to bed. The last girl he’d slept with had been as flat as a boy with non-existent hips and an ass so tiny and tight you’d need a microscope to find it under her perfectly distressed three thousand dollar jeans. During sex their hip bones had knocked together painfully and there was nothing for Grant to hold onto. It was miserable.

In contrast, he could just imagine what sex with Holly would be like. Under those boring business skirt and jacket combos she always wore he could tell her body was ripe and firm. He wanted to hold her heavy breasts in his hands and thumb her nipples while she moaned his name. Wanted to part those lush thighs and lap her sweet cunt until she came for him again and again.

But he couldn’t.

Because Grant needed more than intelligence and a good sense of humor in the woman he picked to stand by him for life. He needed more than shared interests, a pretty face, and a luscious body.

Grant needed a submissive.

A woman who was willing and eager to submit to him sexually, who wanted to be dominated in the bedroom. And someone who needed to be tied up, teased, and punished as much as Grant needed to hand out that punishment, was hard to come by.

If Holly had any idea of the hot, twisted things he wanted to do to her sweet little body, Grant was sure she’d run screaming for the nearest unemployment line. He hadn’t spent the past year and a half falling in love with her just to lose her because of his deviant desires.

So Grant kept his mouth shut and his hands to himself. Better to have her in his life as an assistant and a friend than to not have her at all. Occasionally it got to be too much for him though, and he wondered if there was any way to find out if Holly might be open to his sexual needs. He’d had her followed by a private eye for a while but with disappointing results. Holly didn’t frequent any of the D&S or S&M clubs in the city. In fact, she didn’t go out much at all. She spent most of the time she wasn’t at work in the small, eclectically decorated apartment she shared with her best friend, an irritating woman called Abby.

For a while Grant had even wondered if his assistant might be a closeted lesbian but the private eye nixed that idea, much to his relief. Holly never seemed attracted to other women and besides there was something—a spark of attraction between her and himself—that Grant was sure wouldn’t have been there if she didn’t have an interest in men. But as far as he had been able to find out, she lived the life of a nun—which made it even more likely that she’d run as fast and as far as she could get from him if he revealed what he fantasized about every time he saw her.

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