Anyone U Want

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Certainly, Mr. Harris. At once.” Holly came into view wearing something he’d never seen her in. Was that a slave outfit? It certainly looked like one. She had on a tight black leather mini skirt that showed off her curvaceous ass and black thigh-high stockings that made him drool. Up top she had on a black leather corset type bustier that pushed her full breasts up and out, baring their tops and showing the faintest hint of pink areola. God, if she really did dress this way at the office, there was no way he would be able to keep his hands off her!

“That’s far enough, Miss Sparks. Why are you walking? You know how you’re supposed to approach me,” dream Harris barked. Immediately dream Holly stopped in her tracks.

Grant continued to watch, his cock throbbing in his pants, as his assistant dropped to her knees and crawled as sinuously as a cat over to dream Harris. The short black leather skirt rode up her thighs as she moved, showing flashes of white lacy panties beneath. When she reached dream Harris’s feet, she pressed herself against his legs submissively and murmured, “Yes, Mr. Harris. Have I done something wrong? Do you need to punish me?”

“I most certainly do.” Dream Harris snapped his fingers at her. “That last letter you typed out for me was full of mistakes. Do you know what happens when you make mistakes, Miss Sparks?”

“I get a spanking?” Holly looked up hopefully, her full ass and hips twitching as she spoke what appeared to be the magic word.

Grant gasped aloud as he watched the fantasy play out, his hands clenching into fists at his sides. A spanking? Punishment? Could it be that Holly craved these things the way he craved to do them to her? He was hoping to see her get put over dream Harris’s knee and spanked next but he was disappointed.

“Normally, yes, you do get a spanking,” dream Harris was saying. “But I’m in a hurry today. This time I think we can dispense with the spanking and go straight to the next punishment. So…” He lifted Holly’s chin and looked down into her wide, innocent blue eyes. “Suck my cock, Holly. Suck me hard and long until I come down your throat.”

“Yes, Mr. Harris,” she murmured breathlessly.

Grant watched in disbelief as she reached up and unzipped dream Harris’s pants—pants that were, incidentally, identical to the ones he was currently wearing. Then she got out his cock which also looked uncannily like the real thing and began to suck him.

Watching her sweet pink lips close around the head of dream Harris’s cock was almost too much for Grant. His shaft felt like it was made of lead, heavy and throbbing for release. Did Holly really want to do this? Obviously she must—why else would she concoct such an elaborate fantasy about it? God, were all her fantasies like this or had he happened to find the one anomaly in the bunch?

Flicking to the main menu, Grant glanced down the list of “dreams” on the viewer. Only to find that he was the star player in every single one of them. There were fantasies of him spanking Holly, trying her up, and punishing her in every way imaginable.

Grant was shocked. And here he’d thought she was so innocent! And in fact, she was—on the outside. She never actually did any of this—he knew from the months he’d had her followed by the Private Eye. It was her fantasy life that was extreme. He couldn’t believe some of the things she wanted him to do to her. Just watching little clips of each “dream” was almost enough to make him come in his pants.

“Hello? Anyone there?”

The voice outside Holly’s door accompanied by a soft knocking shocked Grant back to reality. Was it Holly back from wherever she had gone? If she caught him looking in her dream-viewer…

He had the head set off and was stuffing it back into the suitcase under the green bra and panties when the door opened and an unfamiliar face peered into Holly’s room.

“Room service?” the girl asked hesitantly, no doubt seeing the wild look on Grant’s face. “Is now a good time?”

“No,” Grant snapped. “Come back later. Much later.”

“Yes, sir.” The maid bobbed her head and shut the door quickly, obviously glad to get away from him.

Grant breathed a sigh of relief. That was close. Too close. Better leave everything like you found it and go back to your room. But though he knew it was the right thing to do, he couldn’t help lingering, wishing for just one more look at the dream-viewer. The sight of himself and Holly doing things he had fantasized about doing with her for so long was addictive. Knowing that he shouldn’t, he reached into the suitcase one more time.

But instead of finding the head set of the dream-viewer again, his seeking fingertips brushed against something smooth and flat. Pulling it out he saw it was some kind of brochure. He was about to put it back and reach for the head set again when words printed in bright yellow type caught his eye.

Anyone U Want Androids Inc. can make your fantasy a reality! blared the screaming yellow letters. Simply bring a recording of the person or persons you want reproduced and we can have your dream date ready in twenty-four hours.

Dream-viewer forgotten, Grant sank down on the vivid purple and scarlet bedspread and poured over the brochure. Could it be that this was where Holly had gone? Had she decided to make the fantasies she’d put in her dream-viewer a reality? Was she even now down at the headquarters of this place, this Anyone U Want, placing an order for an android that looked…like him?

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