Bad Boy Rock Star

By: Candy J. Starr

I waited for him to drop his gaze. For all his bravado, I'd seen the flash in his eyes when I'd said my name. The Sorrento surname still held sway in this town. At least for now. If he wanted a showdown, I'd give him one. I didn't care that he'd kissed me. I didn't care that the look in his eyes made me feel as if I was beneath his contempt. I had one thing on my agenda. He tried that look again, 100 pure volts of arrogance shot my way, but I was prepared this time and shot it right back at him. We locked gazes and anyone coming between us would've been zapped like a bug.

I'd learnt negotiation on my father's knee and I'd learnt I had to be tougher than anyone. I knew whoever spoke first would lose.

You could only throw me for so long. My pulse was almost back to normal and my chest barely felt tight.

Finally, he walked away.

I stared after him. Nobody walked out on me. Nobody. I'd show him a thing or two. Mr Jack Colt belonged to me now and I had the papers to prove it.

A drum cymbal crashed as the next band went on stage in the front room and the chatter turned to screams. I shouted over the noise.

"Tuesday. Two o'clock at the coffee shop in the Sorrento Corporation building. I want to see the whole band turn up. We have things to discuss. Read your contract if you need to." I shouted over the top of the music.

He waved over his shoulder. I wasn't sure if it was agreement or dismissal.

Chapter 2

I waited at the dark shelter for the bus to turn up. I could hear the distant strains of music from the bar and the sound of cars in the streets around me but the beachside road that the bus took was deserted. A massive hedge separated me from the apartment building behind me and a large tree dimmed the glare of the streetlight. I could've sat in the bus shelter if some hoodlum hadn't smashed it up. The shattered glass crunched under my feet, probably doing untold damage to the soles of my shoes.

I hadn't considered the possibility of it being quite so creepy when I'd planned to catch the bus home. I figured I'd just turn up at the stop at the scheduled time and the bus would be there. It was already five minutes late though. I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered. If only I'd bought a coat. I hadn't realised the wind would be so chilly or that I'd be standing around on the street.

The branches behind me rustled. I jumped. Maybe I screamed a little. Something lived in that bush. Something feral and rabid and hungry.

If only I had the money, I’d call a cab and get out of this place before that feral animal attacked me. How do people actually do anything if they have to wait around for buses all the time? No wonder they are poor since they have to spend all their time waiting around and having to defend themselves from animal attacks. You might as well just be living in the wilderness and sleeping on the ground.

I checked the time again and walked to the curb to look for the bus but could not even see it in the distance so I paced back to the smashed up shelter.

The wind seemed to be getting colder and still no bus. I pressed my fingers to my lips. They felt tender from that man. At least the thought of his arrogance made my blood boil enough to keep me warm. He’d better turn up to the meeting and he’d better lose the attitude. The world would be a much better place if people just did what I wanted.

My neck prickled, as if someone stood close to me. I tried to ignore it, telling myself to stop being so damn jumpy. Then I turned to find a huge man mountain hovering over me.

I yelped but no one heard me. He seriously reached up to the sky and took up the entire footpath. His filthy grey tee shirt stretched tight over his belly with a solid ridge of white, hairy fat peeking out the bottom. A scraggy beard flowed down his face, full of food remains and he looked me up and down as though he was a starving man who'd chanced about a bacon sandwich. How he’d snuck up without me hearing him was a mystery.

His laugh made my blood run cold and he grunted something I couldn't understand through his broken teeth.

"Hey, Hagrid, look out of my way," I said, trying to get past him without actually touching him. My witty pop culture reference amused me and I smiled thinking I’d tell my friends later.

Instead of looking out of the way though, he pushed forward, making me stumble backwards and impale myself on the sharp branches. I backed away from him until I had nowhere left to retreat to. Why the hell hadn't that bus turned up?

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